100 Blog Topic Ideas For Every Niche

Blogging doesn’t have to be hard. Actually, you should only be blogging if you enjoy it.

What I love most about being a blogger is the creative freedom it gives me. I OWN this blog and I can write about whatever the hell I want to!

But I will admit I sometimes I lack inspiration and run out of fun ideas for blog topics. That’s why I decided to write this blog (here is your first blog topic idea haha!) and help you overcome writer’s block. Hopefully you find some inspiration and your next blog topic. If you use any of these ideas, please DM it to me on Instagram & I will share it to my stories + Pinterest!

This will be formatted by niche. If you are a general lifestyle influencer, then you might find something under every niche. If you are more specific, then skip to your specific niche for inspiration!

  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Travel
  • Motherhood & Kids
  • Food & Cooking
  • Health & Fitness

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PRO TIP: Leverage blog posts for higher paying collaborations. Don’t write the blog just on the company like one big ad, but instead how you can style the items, sizing info, etc!

  1. Brighten Your Wardrobe: Create the Perfect Fashion Palette
  2. 10 Braiding Styles For Long Hair
  3. How To Pull Off The ‘Off-Duty’ Model Look
  4. 10 Ways To Style A Black Blazer
  5. Nail Designs For Any Occasion
  6. 10 Worst Skin Care Products
  7. Declutter & Organize Your T-Shirt In 3 Easy Steps
  8. Best Places To Shop For The Latest Trends
  9. How To Start Making Money On LikeToKnowIt
  10. 10 Pieces That Will Never Go Out Of Style
  11. How To Become A Brand Ambassador For Your Favorite Brands
  12. Loungewear That Makes You Feel Fab
  13. 5 Beauty Companies That Still Test On Animals
  14. What Toxins Are Hiding In Your Skin Care?
  15. Must Haves From Ulta Beauty
  16. Ulta vs Sephora: What One Is Better?
  17. How To Get The Perfect Smokey Eye
  18. If You Want Bomb Make Up, You Need Bomb Skin Care
  19. My #1 Skin Care Tip You Must Do Everyday For Perfect Skin
  20. Everything You Need To Know Before Getting Lip Filler

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PRO TIP: Having travel content on your blog will get you a TON of hosted stays- AKA FREE HOTELS! Not only that, but free flights, car rentals, experiences, food, and more!

  1. 10 Favorite Places To Eat In [CITY]
  2. Green Tourism: How To Travel Sustainably 
  3. Everything You Need To Know To Plan A Solo Trip
  4. The Best Travel Credit Cards For Maximum Rewards & Discounts
  5. What NOT To Pack When Traveling To Europe
  6. How To Overpack In One Suitcase
  7. 15 Towns To Visit Off The Beaten Path
  8. 10 Cities You Must Visit In The Summer
  9. How To Travel For Less
  10. My Travel Diary: My Backpacking Experience
  11. How To Pack Your Suitcase Like A World Traveler
  12. 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Traveled To [Destination]
  13. Hostels Vs Hotels: What’s The Difference & What One Is Right For You?
  14. How To Travel For Free In Your 20s
  15. 5 Destinations You Must Travel To Before You’re 30
  16. How To Be A Tourist In Your Hometown
  17. How To Plan The Perfect Roadtrip
  18. Rookie Mistakes First Time Travelers Always Make
  19. How To Get Upgraded Rooms & Flights For Free
  20. How To Avoid Tourist Traps In Europe

PRO TIP: Start a partnership with a luggage company that offers affiliate commission & include your favorite luggage hyperlinked to your affiliate link in every post!


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PRO TIP: If you have a blog & Instagram, you seriously won’t ever have to buy another thing for your kids. Leverage both of these for high-paying collaborations! Work on quality content not just ads, and watch the collaborations come in!

  1. Getting Ready to go Back to Work after a Baby
  2. 10 Things Not To Say To A New Mom
  3. 5 Things I Wish I Knew During My Pregnancy
  4. How To Survive Postpartum Like A Pro
  5. A New Mom’s Guide To Breastfeeding
  6. Exclusive Pumping vs Breastfeeding: What One Is Right For You?
  7. 5 Tips For Safe Sleep
  8. How To Be A Mom While Holding Onto Your Independence
  9. The Perfect Mom Doesn’t Exist: Real Stories From Imperfect Moms
  10. 10 Unique Themes for Baby’s First Birthday
  11. How To Design An Aesthetic Nursery
  12. Healthy Snacks For Kids
  13. How To Make Genuine Mom Friends
  14. How To Stop Mom Shaming: And Ways You May Be Mom Shaming
  15. Co-Sleeping Myths & Facts: Everything You Need To Know
  16. How To Find Support During High Risk Pregnancies
  17. Recovering After A Miscarriage: When Do You Start Trying Again?
  18. Toys Your Kids Will Actually Play With
  19. Montessori vs Waldorf: What’s Best For Your Family
  20. Modern Day Montessori: Navigating Plastic, Electronics, & Social Media

PRO-TIP: Circulate your blogs in Mommy groups that allow them on Facebook. This is a great way to get more readers & connect with like minded mamas!


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PRO-TIP: Food companies are some of the highest paid collaborations. Leverage your blog for even higher paid partnerships + free food!

  1. The Ultimate Cookie Recipes To Bake, Sell, or Gift
  2. How To Make The Perfect Chocolate Flan
  3. 5 Restaurant’s In [CITY] That Are Overated
  4. Best Food Trucks In [CITY] And What To Order
  5. 10 Healthy Party Snacks Your Kids Will Love
  6. 18 Curry Dishes
  7. 8 Picnic Ideas Besides PB & J
  8. 5 Things I Learned Cooking At Home
  9. Meal Delivery Kits: What Ones Are The Best?
  10. How To Be A Home Chef With No Training
  11. How To Grill Like A Pro
  12. 10 Vegan Dishes You Would Never Know Didn’t Have Real Meat
  13. 5 Ways To Cook ToFu
  14. How To Eat Like A Foodie
  15. 5 Shows Every Foodie Must Watch
  16. Guilt Free Burritos Perfect For Cinco De Mayo
  17. How To Go Gluten Free Without Compromising On Flavor
  18. How To Bake Without Milk
  19. 5 Essentials Every Home Cook Needs In Their Kitchen
  20. 3 Different Ways To Make Mac ‘n’ Cheese

PRO-TIP: Put recipes on Pinterest Pins made on Canva. You can include these in your blogs, circulate on Pinterest, and Instagram stories!


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PRO-TIP: If you are a health coach, write blogs as freebies! This will open the door to a ton more clients & give them a preview of your work. This helps establish trust & they are more likely to pay for your services!

  1. 15-Minute Beginner HIIT Cardio Workout
  2. 5 Supplements You Should NEVER Take
  3. How To Lose 10lb Without A Fad Diet
  4. What Is Keto & Is It Right For You?
  5. How To Maintain The Weight You’re At
  6. How To Build Muscle Without Loosing Weight
  7. How To Love Your Body During Your Weightloss Journey
  8. 10 Salads That Are Healthy & Delicious
  9. How To Count Your Macros For Dummies
  10. How To Lose Weight Without Doing Cardio
  11. What Supplements Should You Really Be Taking?
  12. 5 Weight-Loss Myths
  13. 3 Things Healthy People Do Everyday
  14. 50 Healthy Smoothies To Start Your Day
  15. 7 Work Outs To Do With Resistant Bands
  16. Will You Get Results From Beachbody?
  17. How To Become A Health Coach
  18. 5 Snacks That Are Healthy & Delicious
  19. Meal Prep 101
  20. 10 Affirmations For Body Positivity

Hopefully you find some inspiration and your next blog topic. If you use any of these ideas, please DM it to me on Instagram & I will share it to my stories + Pinterest!



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