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Why I Threw Away My Birth Plan

Here we are at 29 weeks and I get induced in 10 short weeks. Can you believe it?! After all we have been through we are a little more than two months away from meeting our sweet girl!! I am a planner so I have started picking up things to
Journal Prompts


Before you start this exercise, forget everything you were ever told. You’re not smart, good, talented, or skilled enough. Forget any barriers you have like lack of education, being a Stay-At-Home-Mom, or being stuck at the job you have. Now, set a timer for 45 seconds, close your eyes, and
Journal Prompts

Journal Prompt #1: The Power of Visualization

Let’s dive into a little visualization exercise. Read over the questions and then set a timer for 45 seconds and close your eyes. Now envision your dream life. There are zero restrictions. You have all the money you will ever need. You are the healthiest you’ve ever been. And

How To Land Your Dream Job in 2019: interviewing tips & more!

With 2019 quickly approaching it’s the perfect time to sharpen up your interviewing skills so you can start the New Year going after the job of your dreams! In my current position at work, I have done plenty of interviewing and combing through resumes. It truly amazes me how uneducated