Ordering & Mailing Your Holiday Cards in 3 Easy Steps with Basic Invite

I can’t believe this crazy year is almost over. I’m so glad the holidays are approaching and gives us all a break from the stress of every day life.

I know holidays tend to be an even crazier time of year, but it’s a crazy I welcome. Especially with the past few months.

Holiday cards are so easy to forget when you get into the swing of it. Until you start receiving all your friend’s cards in the mail and you realize it’s too late to book a photographer or order them in time.

So I have set a yearly reminder for the last week of October to book our photographer and pick out our cards. Then once we get the pictures all I have to do is upload them and get it mailed out.

I have been using Basic Invite the last few years, because they handle it ALL for me! From making it so easy to create the invite, to literally mailing them out. You spend 15 minutes on their website, upload your mailing card list, and BAM! You can cross ordering AND MAILING your holiday cards off your list. Because lets be real, how many times have you ordered the cards just to forget to address them and then forget to mail them so January rolls around and everyone is just now getting your cards. Trust me, I’ve been there.


Step 1: Choose the design of your card. 

With over 1,000 designs to chose from, this will probably be the longest part about ordering your holiday cards. That’s why I suggest getting them picked out ahead of time so you can save to your account and then log on with your pictures when you’re ready.

Basic Invite

I feel like planning the design of your card in advance also helps with the direction of what you want your photos to look like and your color scheme.

Step 2: Designing Your Card

Once you decide on your card, the fun part begins! Basic Invite makes designing your holiday card SO easy but also gives you the option to make it totally unique to you!

From the shape of the card to the color scheme, the options are endless.

Basic Invite

Another bonus about getting it done early, is you can order samples from Basic Invite so you will see exactly what the card will look like!

When you go to order a sample, you can order every option available to really help you nail down the PERFECT holiday card!

Basic Invite

Hands down my FAVORITE thing about Basic Invite is that you are able to upload your contact list AND THEY MAIL IT FOR YOU!!!!!!

No more forgetting to address (and mail) cards and have them sit on your counter way past the socially acceptable deadline.

Basic Invite handles it ALL for you! All you do is upload your excel sheet in the format they request and then Basic Invite uploads the contacts and you can choose who you want to send a card too. Then you pick out the font for the envelopes AND the envelop color!!!


Basic Invite

You can even send a private link requesting they upload their address directly to your list! Throw that baby on your Facebook status and mailing invites has never been easier!

Basic Invite

Once you have everyone, go ahead and pick out your envelope paper, any add ons like note cards, recipe cards (what a cute idea to send out a holiday recipe with every card!!), deck of cards and so much more. Basic Invite has really thought of everything to up your holiday card game!!!

And that’s it! That’s how you order AND MAIL your cards in 3 easy steps!! Basic Invite makes it so easy to stay in touch with your friends & family, spread some cheer (I am totally sending a recipe card out this year!!) all without the stress!!!

Check the Basic Invite website for their current deals and promotions!!


Happy Holidays!


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