The Perfect Gift For ANYONE On ANY Occasion

I am all for getting someone the newest trend or the one thing they’ve been eyeing all year. But to me, the best gift anyone could ever get is something handmade, unique, and sentimental.

@Burnbabyburngoods is the shop that creates THAT special gift.

Gianna is one of the most talented people I have ever met. She takes wood pieces and burns them with your favorite portrait, saying, or grandma’s handwriting.

Her pieces aren’t something you ‘play’ with for a few weeks and get bored of, but something you proudly display for years to come and then pass down to your children. She truly creates family heirlooms.

This Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, or Birthday- get them the gift that will make them stop in their tracks, catch their breath, and trickle a tear.


Gianna created her shop a year ago and never imagined it would blow up like it has! (and rightfully so!)

Her shop started when her friend’s birthday was coming up, and she wasn’t sure what to get her- all she knew was she didn’t want to get her something that everyone else was going to get. Her friend had recently gotten a puppy, and Gianna always loved the wood rounds she saw at the craft stores, so a quick google search on how she could transfer a picture onto the wood, and that’s when she found out all about pyrography, or wood burning!

Gianna printed a picture of her friend’s dog, traced it onto the wood round using graphite paper, and then burned it into the wood using a tool, and was shocked at how good it looked! She added his name and a design along the sides, and loved it so much that she then made one of her own pup.

Once Gianna posted a picture of it, she got a bunch of messages of people asking her to make them pieces of their pups. It was right before Christmas time, so a lot of people also wanted them as gifts. That’s when her shop blew up! This is her second Christmas season and she now offers keychains, cutting boards, portraits, ornaments, and more!

Her testimonies and customers truly show how a wood slab quickly turns into something they will treasure forever. I asked her what her favorite part about owning Burn Baby Burn Goods is and she said, “I love making pieces to remember someone or something by. I get so many different stories and reasons behind why people are ordering the items, but to see people cry tears of joy when I hand them their piece, or to hear that the person who it was gifted  toabsolutely adored it, is the best feeling in the world, and it makes me feel like there is a deeper purpose behind just creating cute house decorations. Whether it’s a pet, or a person, there’s lots of ways people think to remember them, and it’s so amazing to hear all of the different ideas people come up with. It makes me feel great that I can make people’s visions come to life! There has been so many times that I have had a vision for something, and I can not find it ANYWHERE! So taking custom orders and offering this service is such a great feeling to me.”


Why Shopping Small Matters

I was talking with Gianna about her shop and journey and there was so many things that she said that just made me stop- and realize how meaningful our online presence can be.

She was talking about how she has met so many people online and through Instagram who support her more than people in her ‘real’ life. I think sometimes we forget that what we do online really does impact others. Whether it’s liking, sharing, or ordering from a shop online- you are directly impacting that persons life.

Do you think Target does a happy dance every time you place an order? Or what about when you leave a nice comment on their picture? No way! But these owners of small shops do and sometimes a little kindness can really go a long ways. When I started this Instagram/Blogging journey I never thought I would meet the amazing people I have who I truly consider close friends. So it really resonated with me when she said that.

Also, when you buy from Gianna, you are helping her give her dog Millie the life she deserves! She works part time so she can give the love and dedication to every piece. So when you order for her, you are not just ordering the world’s best gift but helping her pay her bills and spoil the love of her life, Millie.

I can promise you, no matter who you are shopping for, Gianna can make something that will touch their heart for years to come. Make sure to follow Gianna on Instagram and keep up with her latest creations!

I would also like to thank Gianna for all she did for the Preemie NICU Holiday Gift Baskets. She is a one woman show and donated a beautiful Rae Dunn inspired wood slab to the raffle to encourage others to donate. It is so incredibly selfless and I am so grateful to know her!

Her shop and the amazing woman behind it, really inspires me and I think we all have a lot we can learn from Gianna about chasing our dreams, and being the best person we can be.

Happy Shopping,


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