10 Travel Tips Everyone Needs To Know

Since literally the first week my husband and I have been together we have been avid travelers. Over the years we have done multiple cruises, long distance Amtrak rides, traveled international and to multiple states and countries. We have traveled in unique ways and learned so much along the

Spicing Up Your Love Life, One Date Night At A Time

It is finally starting to cool down in Fresno and Addyson is on a somewhat consistent nap schedule. Meaning this month’s Date Night In Box couldn’t have been more perfect or come soon enough! We received the Love At Ease Date Night In Box and it is my favorite by

10 Ways To Strengthen Your Marriage In One Week

I know, todays blog sounds like total click bait. But I can promise you it's not. I really have the secret to a strong, happy, long marriage. Wanna know what it is? Gratitude. Yep. You heard that right. Practicing gratitude daily in your marriage will strengthen it faster than anything else. Think about all the
Becoming An Influencer

Do You Want To Be An Influencer?

A couple weeks ago my step-dad said, “What you’re doing as an influencer, some people can make thousands of dollars just for posting for a company.” I have to be honest, I cringed. I HATE the word Influencer. This teacher friend of mine wrote a post on Facebook how she asked