The Truth On Blue Light Glasses

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When I was working 50 hours a week I spent all day on a computer and by the time I got home my eyes would be so tired I didn’t even want to look at my phone. I started getting daily headaches that would trigger my migraines. I would

A Gentle Reminder To Love Your Pregnancy & Postpartum Body

Congrats mama! If you’re reading this because you’re expecting or already have a little one, or even planning to have a little one-CONGRATS! Pregnancy in general is freaking crazy. I mean you literally have a live human inside your belly! How wild is that?! As wonderful as the miracle of life
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Manscaped- Helping Your Perfect Man Have A Perfect Package

My husband found Manscaped on Instagram about a year ago and has been obsessed ever since. Not only do they have high quality products, their branding is freaking awesome (and hilarious). Manscaped is leveling out the playing field by creating high quality grooming products for men. Did you know 85% of
Yoga Diaries

Sept. 2nd, 2019- Day One

I was cleared last week to start yoga again and today was the first day I actually worked up the courage to start. I haven't stepped foot on a yoga mat since May 22nd, 2019. I struggled with modifying the poses while in my third trimester so when I had
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Today Was A Bad Day

August 16th, 2019 Today was a hard day. Probably the hardest postpartum day I’ve had. Sleeping for 5 hours a day spaced out in one 2 hour nap & one 3 hour nap 8 hours apart doesn’t help. I can’t stop crying today. My c-section scar hurts so bad & I wish it