Sincerely Silver Custom Jewelry: The Perfect Gift For Her

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A couple days ago I posted a picture on Instagram wearing my "A" & "C" initial necklace from Sincerely Silver and I got SO many DM's asking about the company! I wanted to share a quick blog with you guys about why they are my FAVORITE custom jewelry company and

Jord Watches: Fashion For The Whole Family

My husband recently started collecting watches and I wanted to help jumpstart his collection by finding some unique wood timepieces for him. That’s when I came across Jord Watches. I found myself a couple hundred dollars later with a watch and a hat for him and even a gorgeous

The Ultimate Spring Online Shopping Guide

Can you guys believe it is May tomorrow?! Seriously where has this year gone?! Spring is almost over and I am not mentally prepared for the 110+ degree heat Fresno gets. ESPECIALLY being pregnant. Seriously, send help. Anyways, April was an incredible month and I discovered so many brands and small

How To Get Perfect Skin in 4 Easy Steps!

Happy Spring everyone! I love the first day of March. To me it symbolizes the first day of spring. The next few months offer the BEST weather California has and some of the most beautiful blooms. I don’t suffer from allergies luckily, so I love to breathe it all

How I Conquered Adult Cystic Acne (WITHOUT medication!)

Today is a hard post to share with you all because I am REALLY putting myself out there. Bare skin and all. That’s not even something I easily do around my husband. But they say to conquer your fears you’ve got to face them right? Well, here I am being honest