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If you guys have been following for a while, you know I am one of those crazy Rae Dunn junkies. I tried so hard to not fall into the trap but about a year ago, I couldn't resist any longer and finally caved. I mean, do you blame me? How

Is Wayfair Legit? Product Reviews, Store Credit Card Info, and More

Lately, it seems like every time you turn on HGTV it is flooded with Wayfair commercials. The best friend getting jealous of her friend’s beautifully decorated apartment thinking someone else must have done this for her. Or the mom thinking the mother-in-law came and redecorated. They all end by

Truth About Butcher Block Kitchen Countertops

A little over a year ago we had our kitchen remodeled and it was the best thing to ever happen to us! (Not to be dramatic or anything haha) As we were designing our perfect kitchen, we had our hearts set on butcher block countertops. EVERYONE, I repeat-EVERYONE, was telling

Stop Harassing Rae Dunn Upsellers

So today is more of a rant, I’m sorry to say. Honestly no introduction is needed, let’s just dive in. When I first really got into Rae Dunn I was meeting all kinds of collectors. Ones I have been warned on, others that were super sweet, all kinds of upsellers,

Stop Being an Asshole Rae Dunn Collector

So today is not my normal style post. It is more of a rant honestly. I am sharing my story of being apart of the Rae Dunn community and why we need to join together to change the attitude of collecting. We need to STOP all these Rae Dunn horror stories
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Our Very Own Free Library

If you’re on Pinterest, then you have probably heard of these cute community libraries! These little “free” libraries started popping up in various parks throughout my city, and I was instantly hooked! I loved the idea that someone on their daily walk would be able to take a break and