Stop Harassing Rae Dunn Upsellers

So today is more of a rant, I’m sorry to say. Honestly no introduction is needed, let’s just dive in. When I first really got into Rae Dunn I was meeting all kinds of collectors. Ones I have been warned on, others that were super sweet, all kinds of upsellers,

Stop Being an Asshole Rae Dunn Collector

So today is not my normal style post. It is more of a rant honestly. I am sharing my story of being apart of the Rae Dunn community and why we need to join together to change the attitude of collecting. We need to STOP all these Rae Dunn horror stories
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Our Very Own Free Library

If you’re on Pinterest, then you have probably heard of these cute community libraries! These little “free” libraries started popping up in various parks throughout my city, and I was instantly hooked! I loved the idea that someone on their daily walk would be able to take a break and

Top 5 Favorite Farmhouse Instagram Accounts To Follow

Did anyone else find themselves going through farmhouse withdrawals now that Fixer Upper is off the air?! Where will our inspiration come from?! I know I did! After I *tearfully* watched the last episode, I started searching Instagram for accounts that will give me daily inspiration. I am so excited

Balsamic Bruschetta Appetizer

Having great-grandparents that came to America from Bari, Italy has really shaped my cooking style. Growing up, I would watch my aunt create delicious Italian dishes and that’s truly what sparked my interest in cooking. I am constantly drawn to creating my own twist on classic Italian meals. Today I

Three Cheese Smoked Bacon Mac & Cheese

As soon as the weather starts to get cooler, I love to make my “Three Cheese Bacon Mac & Cheese” on a cozy Sunday. Adding thick cut smoked bacon, bread crumbs, and more we take a classic dish and turn it into a mouth-watering staple for fall meals. Put