10 Tips For Owning Your Month & Crushing Your Goals

Before the baby came, I would spend the last day of every month evaluating the month I had and writing next month’s goals. I a firm believer than when you write something down, you are 100x more likely to accomplish it.

Setting your intention and creating goals for the month ahead of you is a sure way TO GET SHIT DONE.

Stop having big dreams and aimlessly trying to accomplish them. You can literally have whatever you want in life if you work for it.

This month I am sharing my goals with you along with tips on creating your own, evaluation questions, and more!

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Every three months I like to evaluate my long term goals. As I evolve so do my goals. Before you can create short term monthly goals you need to know what you’re working towards.

I was listening to a motivational video on YouTube (and of course for the life of me can’t find it) but the speaker was saying, you start your year,month,week,day when you have finished it. And it really stuck with me.

What he means by that, is to live each day with intent. To work smarter, not harder it is crucial to plan out your days, weeks, months, and year. Of course there is room for flexibility but if you want to live your life AND accomplish your goals, you have to maximize your time.

I feel like this is where I have been lacking lately. I wake up at a different time everyday depending on what time she wakes up and have no real structure during my day. Just because I have a newborn, doesn’t mean I can’t still structure my day and live with intent.


You will see where your priorities are, what NEEDS to get done, and what can wait for another day. This helps your brain comprehend everything and instead of getting overwhelmed and not do anything, you can at least do something.

It’s a false misconception that being successful means we have to work 18-20 hour days. Instead its all about how we prioritize our day and how we spend our time. Time management is key.


  • Where Do You Want To Be In ONE Year?

    • Don’t overwhelm yourself with thinking too far ahead. There is so much you can accomplish in one year when you live with intent and plan your months. You can revise this as the year goes on (you might surprise yourself and accomplish your year goal faster than you thought).
  • What do you have planned this month that could be a potential obstacle?

    • Before writing out all your goals, look for potential roadblocks and obstacles. Do you want to blog every day for a month but are taking a week long vacation this month? By really looking at your month you can create concrete, realistic goals. If you are one to blog or work on vacation then that’s great! But don’t forget to live your life. It’s not the hours you put in, but the work you put in the hours.
  • What are your 3 biggest priorities?

    • What do you HAVE to do? For me it’s always planning out the next month and getting blogs & content created. Once those are done, then I focus on working with brands, revamping my blog, engaging with followers etc.
  • What are your goals this month?

    • Now that you know the 3 things you HAVE to accomplish this month, what are 1-2 other goals you have? I like to have about 4-5 goals a month. Something that isn’t too overwhelming but pushes me. If I accomplish all of these then I re-evaluate and create more short term goals to complete before the month is over. There is something about having a deadline that motivates you to GET.IT.DONE.

*Remember- goals don’t always have to be in the same category or area of life. I want to lose 30lb by Feb 1st and gain 5k followers by the end of the year. You are a multi-facet person so make sure your goals are well-rounded and not just focused on business. Make time for self-development, fun, and health.


When I set up my month goals, I then go through and jot down ideas on how I will accomplish it. Setting a plan in motion rather than going into it blind. These aren’t things you are wishing for, but working for.

If I want to loose 5lb this month, what will I do to accomplish it? I will eat healthy, or do 15minutes of yoga when the baby is napping, or take a daily walk with her. Finding ways to incorporate my goals into my daily life.

If I want to write 5-10 new blog posts, how will I do it? I will write a blog a day. I will start at the beginning of the day and work while she naps. If it is not completed by the end of the day, I will stay up until it is done. This gives me accountability and a punishment. I obviously want to go to bed when she does (who knows what the night will bring) so instead of cutting into my sleep time, I will maximize the work in the hours I have. Get off Instagram, turn the TV off, and GET TO WORK. If I am feeling uninspired, then I will work on another goal during my free time. When I hit a writers block I will do yoga, meditate, or go for a walk (working on my other goal of loosing 5lb).

It is essential to put your goals into your daily life and routine.


I want to share with you my personal goals for this month. It will help keep me on track, and give you an idea of what you can do to work towards YOUR bigger picture. I’ll admit, up until this point I didn’t have my year figured out. I had to stop while writing this blog and spend some time on me. I wrote up where I want to be in a year and worked backwards. What will I do this month to bring me closer to my goal?

  1. Go for a long walk 3x a week

  2. Finish October Content

  3. Complete Nov Content

  4. Sit down & organize thoughts, goals, and long term blog plan

  5. Eat healthy all month

Picking Daisies Blog Breakthrough Program

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope this helps you have the most successful month yet! If you are still feeling lost, then I suggest you check out my Breakthrough Program. I will work with you one on one for the next 30 Days to CRUSH THOSE GOALS!

You can do it. You are capable. And no matter what, you are AMAZING.





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