Spicing Up Your Love Life With The Date Night In Subscription Box


If you guys have been following me on Instagram, then you saw we brought our little rainbow baby into the world in July! (A month early I might add).

It is so easy when you are first time parents caring for a newborn baby to put your marriage on hold. The first month and a half, we have been taking shifts. Meaning I am up from 9pm-3am and my hubby gets up at 3am and lets me sleep from 3am-9am. It’s been really awesome because we both get about 5-6 hours of solid, uninterrupted sleep. However, it means we haven’t slept in the same bed since July 24th. And that takes a toll on your relationship.

We have been so strong during this transition and work as a team, but some nights I just miss him SO much.

Because we know our relationship is important, we have been trying to find other ways to bond. We bathe our little babe together every night and sing/read to her as a family. But every now and then we need just US time. Luckily, Addyson is a pretty good baby and gives us a few 2-3 hours in the early evening where she is napping.

I subscribed back in June to the Night In Boxes Date Night Monthly Subscription. Every month they send us an incredible themed box to have a perfect Date Night In! 

So in July we got our Dine & Dance box that made the perfect date night for us!


Dine & Dance Date Night In Box- Night In Boxes

The Dine & Dance box included:

(2) Chef Hats
Pizza Kit (dough, sauce, parmesan cheese, and sauce)
Room Spray
30 Second Date Dash Card
What Pizza Are You Quiz
Dine & Dance Date Guide
Recipe and Drink Card

It was honestly the PERFECT box for us because 1- my hubby LOVES to cook, 2- my hubby is Italian, and 3- pizza is literally my husband’s most favorite food on the planet. So it really couldn’t have worked out any better.

What I love most about the Date Night In Boxes besides the amazing monthly themes, is that they always include a Date Night Guide.

The Date Night Guide helps you make the most of your romantic date by giving you an overall idea of how the night should flow, table talk ideas, and ways to continue the date after you have done everything!

This month, the Date Night Guide teaches you exactly how to make the most perfect pizza with the award winning pizza sauce provided. While dinner is cooking you can start on the handcrafted cocktails which pairs perfect with the pizza. The cocktail card is included in the box and I make sure before our date night to always grab the ingredients.

Once dinner is made the Date Night Guide includes wonderful table talk topics to help take your date to the next level. When you have been dating or married for awhile, conversation can be stagnate and stick to the basics since you know everything about each other. That’s what is so great about the table talk section that it provides topics and questions to help you learn even more about your partner.

Once you’ve finished your yummy dinner with fantastic drinks and even better conversation, it is time to dance the night your kitchen. With a suggested playlist in your Date Night Guide, grab your partner and bust out the dance moves. It’s just you two so who cares what you look like! This is a time to get even closer and just have FUN.

When you need a break from dancing, it’s perfect time to start baking the suggested dessert provided in the box and while you’re waiting for it to bake, it’s the perfect time to play the 30 Second Date Dash cards!

By the time you’re done, the dessert should be ready.

What’s so amazing about Date Night In Boxes, is there are endless options to keep the date going late into the night..ALL WITHOUT HAVING TO LEAVE YOUR HOUSE OR SPEND $200+

(Sorry for shouting, I just get so excited!)

You can choose from ideas in the Date Night Guide to continue the date, keep playing the 30 Second Date Dash, break out the dancing moves again, or take the What Pizza Are You? Quiz.

Date Night In Boxes truly create a night that lasts for hours and by the end of the night you will feel a stronger connection with your partner.

Speaking of this, they even include reflection questions to open up the doors further for deeper conversation and communication. Date Night In Boxes main goal is bringing partners closer together and creating a stronger bond that will last well past your date night in.

If you are interested in trying out your own Date Night In Box, you can sign up for a one time box or monthly subscription here.

If you end up giving them a try, I would love to see your pictures! Tag @DateNightInBoxes and @PickingDaisiesBlog on Instagram for a chance to be featured!



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