Spicing Up Your Love Life, One Date Night At A Time

It is finally starting to cool down in Fresno and Addyson is on a somewhat consistent nap schedule. Meaning this month’s Date Night In Box couldn’t have been more perfect or come soon enough!

We received the Love At Ease Date Night In Box and it is my favorite by FAR! (Last month’s is a close second).

Let’s dive in.

Date Night In Box


Date Night In Box is a monthly subscription where they ship you the perfect date night in idea and everything you need to execute it. From a dinner, dessert, and specialty drink recipes to an entire book on how to execute the perfect date on theme with that month’s box.

What I hate about society and gender roles is everyone expects the men to plan all the dates and to go out once a week/month. But I am a firm believer that women have to put in the effort too. That’s why Date Night In Box is the perfect subscription! It costs less than dinner and a movie, but lasts way longer than your typical date night. Plus being home, you can share some saucy kisses and your bed is right there….. Or the couch…. Or the dinner table if you know what I mean 😉

Date Night In Box allows you to have unique, at home dates once a month. Spicing up your love life and keeping things a surprise. Instead of going to the same dinner place and running out of ideas of what to do after, there is always something new and exciting in your Date Night In Box.

Date Night In Box



Like I mentioned above, I am OBSESSED with this box!!!! My husband and I had SO much fun and it was a night unlike anything we could do out on the town.

The box came with 2 teas, 2 coffees, biscotti, coffee brewer, massage oil, couples yoga, and a few other fun surprises.

I always set up the date before he gets home so it lasts all night long.

One thing I do want to note is that we have a very strict rule of no phones during date night. I didn’t take any pictures during our date night because I want my husband to feel like I am truly doing this for him, not a blog post. Asking him to wait to enjoy before pictures are taken ruin the mood (and I would know) so I have decided to keep the phone off and only make our date night just about me and him.

When Addyson was napping, I had Instacart deliver the groceries needed to make the suggested Sage & Garlic Breakfast Sausage & Buttermilk Pancakes (because who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?!)

He was literally so surprised and before the date even began, was having so much fun at dinner.

After dinner I had the tea and coffee station set up. I got out our fun tea cups and prepared a cup of each of the provided coffee/teas. It was fun dipping the biscotti in each one and acting sophisticated. We laughed with our pinkies up commenting on the different flavors in each one.

We laughed so hard because a few years ago we were in Portland and WALKED 3 MILES to go to this tea tasting room. We were literally SO excited and once we got there THEY WERE CLOSED!!! Our Uber app wasn’t working at the time and 3 miles didn’t seem like that far haha joke was on us. It was disappointing not being able to do the tea tasting. That’s why tonight was so much fun for us and I set it up in a tasting style. I also made some croissants & donuts prior so we could enjoy a little tea platter while tasting. No dessert was needed after, that was plenty.

Date Night In Box

After getting all hyped up on coffee and tea, we started the couples yoga game. Another reason I loved this months box is because we are actually practicing yoga together. NO JOKE.

Date Night In Box partnered with Elena Bradford at Half Moon Studio of Aiken, SC to provide us with the perfect couples yoga full of poses anyone could do.  Each card had detailed instructions but if you were still a little lost you could visit the website provided for a guided video! We liked taking our time and picking a card rather than watching the video.

After couple’s yoga we took turns massaging each others feet while reading from the Date Guide. Every month the date guide provides questions to help strengthen your relationship. You may think you know everything about your partner, but I can promise you there is always something new to learn.

Questions like, “How can I support you in making rest a daily priority?” taught me that my husband feels guilty about working all day and not being able to help with the baby. So he feels pressured to come home start cooking, doing dishes, and then taking over so I could shower or blog. I had no idea he felt that way and honestly felt bad because we all deserve to rest. (Especially him because he does the 3am feedings) So we decided to create a plan during this newborn stage where we can have time to rest everyday. After dinner, instead of me rushing off to do things we will watch at least one episode of our favorite show or even a movie together. He can still help with baby during that time but while she’s sleeping or playing we are together as a family.

I also know his sports teams are important to him so because he does literally SO much for us, I said he can retreat to the bedroom guilt free to enjoy the game. Once it’s over he takes over baby duties and I can have some alone time showering, pampering myself, or blogging. This isn’t every night but about 1-2 times a week. It’s great because we are practicing self-love by taking time for ourselves and then every other day of the week we plan rest times together.

Date Night In Box

If it wasn’t for the Date Guide questions, I would have never of known how he felt and we wouldn’t have came up with a plan that works for us. There is nothing wrong with scheduling rest or “me” time. Especially in the bustle of everyday life it is IMPORTANT to schedule that time to ensure you get it. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

I truly am so grateful I have found Date Night In Boxes because every month we get to try something new. Every date night comes with great conversation and we learn more about each other and how to strengthen our marriage.

Communication and alone time together is key to a long and healthy marriage. I truly believe Date Night In Box values the same and creates unique and fun ways to keep the love alive.

Even with a newborn we have been able to carve out alone time one time a month (even if we have to pause every now and then to feed or change a dirty diaper). We are doing it together and once she is taken care of, we come together.

At the end of the night we felt the closest we have in months and it continues well past our date night.

Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to see what next month brings!




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