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JOURNAL PROMPT #11- Enjoyment

What makes you truly happy in life? Is it spending time with your loved ones? What about the sound of your dog playing? Is it the birds chirping? Or reading a book listening to the rain? Really concentrate on an activity, person, or place that brings out total enjoyment and happiness in your life. Something that you are fully present for and not distracted by how it could be better or what else you’re missing out on.

Describe that for me.

What about in your daily life that makes you unhappy? List everything in your life that brings you satisfaction, anxiety, anger, or sadness. Now go through the list and try to find one thing in the situation you can find happiness within it.

If you come across items on the list where you can’t find any happiness, then ask yourself why you allow it to take room in your life. Is it a job or relationship you need to leave? Is it the town you live in? The friends you surround yourself with? If there is not one thing about it that brings any enjoyment to your life- then it is time to GET RID OF IT.

But that’s so scary.

Is it really?

What’s scarier: taking control of your life and getting rid of toxic situations to make room for happiness? Or continuing to live in misery day after day not doing anything to change it falling in a deeper whole of anxiety and depression?

I think the latter is much scarier.


Lastly, what does enjoyment in your daily life look like to you? What does it feel like? Taste like? What experiences do you have?

Now, what can you do to start creating that type of enjoyment in the life you’re living right this moment?

You got this.

You deserve to be happy.

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