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What does “family” mean to you?

What kind of relationships do you have in your intermediate family?

How has the family you’ve been born into actively influence your life thus far?

Looking back through your childhood, and family relationships, is there anyone that you can easily give forgiveness too? If so, is that something you would like to actively work towards? Why or why not?

If you can’t give forgiveness (and that’s perfectly okay), what do you need to feel closure and acceptance to move on? How can you achieve that?

Who do you consider having the closest “family” relationship with? Whether it is blood or friends? What makes them give you that feeling? What do you love most about that relationship?

From here on out, what do you want your family dynamic to look like? Is it strengthening old bonds? Giving forgiveness and moving past old problems? Or is it finding the sense of family in the people you surround yourself with?

What does your dream family look like? Whether it is in the family you are born into or the family you can create with a spouse and child in the future. What does it feel like? What kind of structure do you have?

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