Holiday Shopping Guide For Men: Unique Gifts They Will LOVE

I used to think shopping for men was hard, but now they’re my favorite people to shop for. I feel like guys appreciate funky gifts and you can find some really unique things they will absolutely love. (And when all else fails- video games & cologne).

I have put together the ultimate shopping guide for all the men in your life! Stop the double gifting (like one year my brother-in-law got the same bottle of whiskey from Bevmo from 7 people) and get them something no one else will think of! I can promise you your gift will be their favorite.

Happy Shopping!

1. Swanky Badger

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The gift that makes men cry. Swanky Badger, at its core, is about enabling real human connection. Their products are designed to give our customers a platform to share emotional moments with the ones they love. Everything is high quality and personalizable! We made my father-in-law a wallet from the grandkids and I can’t wait to see his face on Christmas morning!


Swanky Badger: Wallet l Whiskey Decanter l Cigar Case

Cigar Box

Whiskey Decanter 

Wallet (Personalized Cover & Inside)

2. MVMT Watches

My husband has been obsessed with MVMT for two years and literally all he wants for Christmas are one (or three) of their watches. The watches are in style, comfortable to wear, and unique. There is a style made for any man on your Christmas list.

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Astro Blue

Ember Black

The 40-Rose Gold

3. Manscaped

Proper manscaping requires precision engineered tools. Not only does a man’s sensitive areas require it, but both hygiene and ergonomics demand it. Seriously- Manscaping is a MUCH appreciated gift for men. You know how we love beauty products? Well men love manscaping products. (Seriously, my brother put like 6 of their products on his Christmas list.)



The Lawn Mower 2.0

Foot Duster

Crop Cleanser

4.Tense Wooden Watches & Bracelets 

My step-dad loves working with wood & that’s why Tense Wooden Watches & Bracelets make a great gift for him! He appreciates the uniqueness of each watch & the beautiful wood grain crafted into his daily time piece. You can choose from 7 different species of wood to make the perfect gift for the Ron Swanson on your shopping list.


Tense Wooden Watches

Wooden Bracelet

Hampton Watch

Vermont Watch

5. Heritage Brown Sugar Bourbon

I first tried BSB for a collab and we were instantly hooked. I made a Whiskey Sour for a birthday party we went to and seriously within a half an hour, the entire thing was empty. It has quickly became my husband’s and step-dad’s go to drink & I always keep a bottle in the freezer for them. Their drinks make the perfect gift and seriously, what guy would say no to bacon flavored vodka?!

Heritage Distilling Co


Brown Sugar Bourbon

Bacon Flavored Vodka

Elk Rider Gin

6. Case App

When in doubt, a custom phone case is ALWAYS a home run. You can literally create the most unique phone case for your man and it is GUARANTEED they will LOVE it! Don’t forget to get the matching skin for their laptop too! You can choose from pre-designed cases and skins or create your own.

7. Hooray Heroes

If you are looking for a gift from your little to daddy, then this is it! I got my hubby “When Addyson Grows Up-Daddy Edition” and he seriously cried while reading it. Daddy and your little go through a series of 10 different professions that you get to pre-choose when making the book. You make their character and get to choose what they look like too. The best part is you get to write a dedication page and really tell them both how much you love them. I have to say, Hooray Heroes’ books are worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. They are big, fully of color, and totally customizable. It is something they will keep forever and so so special.

8. KBell Socks

Whether you are shopping for a suit and tie kind of guy, or a laid back dude- pattern socks are ALL the craze. Business men love wearing them under their slacks to add a flare of personality and the laid back guy loves to show off their favorite designs. KBell socks has the high quality socks that are thick, well-made, and hundreds of awesome prints, patterns, and designs to choose from.

Kbell Socks


American Flag Socks

Parachute Shark Crew Socks

Will Hug For Beer Crew Socks

9. Baxter Blue Light Glasses

As a blogger, blue light glasses have saved my life! I was having such horrible neck pain, eye strain, and having a hard time falling asleep at night. When I finally got (and actually wore) my blue light glasses, it was a total game changer. Blue Light Glasses are PERFECT for men who play video games, work on a computer, or work on their phone. Screens emit high amounts of blue light that is damaging to your health! Baxter Blue has by far my favorite styles, sturdy frames, and highest quality glasses!

Baxter Blue Light Glasses


Lane/Gloss Black

Carter/Smokey Gray

Clark/Gloss Black

10. Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks are our go-to gift for the men in our family. Seriously- every birthday or Christmas SOMEONE is getting Omaha Steaks. To the point everyone expects them now haha. But there is something for EVERYONE and Omaha Steaks offer INCREDIBLE packages with high quality meat! We store them in our freezer until the day of and then I put them back in the styrofoam cooler they send them in and put a bow on top. When they see that cooler under the tree the guys are literally fighting over who gets them. The steaks are THAT good.


Omaha Steaks

Tasteful Gift (Includes 19 Items)

Steakhouse Supreme (10 Items)

The Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon Feast (Feeds 4)

And remember- don’t stress. The gift you choose for them is the PERFECT gift. The holidays are so much more than pretty presents under the tree.

Happy Holidays!



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