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Small Business Saturday: Happy Grace

Happy Grace Media
Owner/Creator: Tanya Wheeless (TW)
Self-Care Shop for Ambitious Women
Instagram: @tanyawheeless

Going for it. Keeping it real. Gratitude every damn day. Letting go of what we can’t control. Owning our power to create the lives we want. Leading with love, not fear. Unabashedly making our well-being and sanity a priority. Freedom, fierceness, and fun. Magic (the really good kind).

-Tanya Wheeles

Is the motto of the wonderful company, The Happy Grace Media. Tanya Wheeless went from Senior Executive in Law, to Entrepreneur and #MomBoss. Tanya created The Happy Grace Media to focus on giving ambitious women the resources they need to have it all in a busy world. She offers physical products such as her 90-day workbooks and motivational Bliss Balm lip balms. Tanya works with women but hosting a weekly podcast called “Wisdom and Wanderings,” sends a weekly newsletter, and offers a ton of free resources on social media.

Today’s interview made me feel empowered and so grateful that social media has connected me with such a wonderful woman who is dedicating her life to empowering other women.

Continue reading the interview below for business advice, what Tanya’s vision is, and a special discount code on one of her most beloved products!

(PD) What inspired you to create your business, Happy Grace Media?(TW) After spending years as a senior executive in law, banking, and professional sports- I felt my spirit being crushed by stress, overwhelm and unhappiness. I tried to balance work and motherhood and although looked successful on the outside, I was wildly unhappy. I learned a lot about myself and the mindset that led me to that unhappy place. But more importantly, I learned that it didn’t have to be that way. I could do demanding, high-profile work and be a great mom and spouse without losing myself or feeling crappy in the process. That fueled my new adventure as well as my realization that there  wasn’t a lot of self-care, mindset options for busy women on the market. All of this led me to create Happy Grace Media.

(PD) Wow, you are impressive and living the entrepreneur dream! What is your daily motivation to continue your hustle?
(TW) The hope that I can save one woman from settling for a life that’s less than she deserves.

(PD) What is the biggest hardship you have faced since you launched Happy Grace Media?
(TW) Oh man, there’s so many. Starting a business has never been easier in many respects. But the biggest is that more people are starting their own adventures saturating the market. So rising above the noise to find my people has been the biggest challenge.

(PD) What is the happiest moment you have had since you launched? (TW) When a woman contacts me by email or direct message on social media and tells her that something I said helped her, that is literally the best part of my day.

(PD) What is your most beloved product you have created?
(TW) My new monthly self-care membership, The Whole Happy. And then my 90-day workbooks for soulful living are a close second.

(PD) Why is ‘The Whole Happy’ your favorite?
(TW) Self-care is so important, but something that busy mamas find hard to do. There’s the lack of time, know-how, and guilt that gets in the way. The Whole Happy solves each of those problems by leading women through the 12 choices that make up my self-care model. We tackle one choice each month and members get an audio masterclass, workbook, access to a private community, and accountability text messages PLUS a live Q+A with me. No guesswork, simple but powerful lessons, community and accountability to create a more chill, happy and successful life.

(PD) Do you have any advice for someone starting their own brand in your niche?
(TW) Niche, niche, niche. I wish I had done this sooner, but I wanted to help every woman. In the process, I wasn’t really speaking to anyone. If you are just starting out, think of the smallest subset of women you want to serve. Kill it in that space and then you can always expand. Don’t do fashion, do thrift-store fashion for twenty-somethings who started their first job. Don’t do personal development, do personal development for new moms who work outside the home. This will make your messaging, marketing and content development so much easier.

Thank you Tanya for sharing such wonderful insight into your business, struggles and success as a business owner, and words of encouragement for other entrepreneurs.

Tanya is offering an exclusive 15% off her 90-day Workbooks for Soulful Living for all Picking Daisies readers! Use code: DAISIES at checkout and get ready to start living your best life!

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: Small Business Saturday is created to empower entrepreneurs and share their business and wisdom with others wanting to start their own business. In no way am I being paid or given free product to write about their company. I find companies I truly love and reach out to them to showcase their hard work. If you would like to be featured for Small Business Saturday, please email: pickingdaisies.info@gmail.com for more information.

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