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How To Get Perfect Skin in 4 Easy Steps!

Happy Spring everyone! I love the first day of March. To me it symbolizes the first day of spring. The next few months offer the BEST weather California has and some of the most beautiful blooms. I don’t suffer from allergies luckily, so I love to breathe it all in.

However, with the weather starting to change, our skin has MAJOR freakouts. After summer it adjusted to the cold and left us with dry, flaky skin. Now that it’s starting to warm up a little, it’s oil overdrive. By the time my skin adapts to the weather- it’s already another season and temperature climate.

Good thing for you all, I have found a way to beat the weather and have healthy, bright, vibrant skin all year long. (Okay, not really- but I found a skin care routine that let’s me believe my skin is perfect 24/7),

How To Get Perfect Skin in 4 Easy Steps


Struggling with acne my whole life and then cystic acne most of my adult life I have tried every product and brand under the sun. LITERALLY. From $80 face masks, to laser treatment, making my own face wash, etc- I HAVE TRIED IT ALL.

Instead of these products clearing my problems, they just made them worse and worse. One time I tried the famous Mario Badescu line and my face got a THIRD DEGREE BURN from the chemicals in them. Everyone that swore by it is full of shit. I found out I wasn’t the only person who had this issue and that they actually had a major lawsuit from BURNING PEOPLE’S SKIN. You can read more about that here or here or here or here. Get the point?

The reason it was burning people’s skin was from the chemicals they used (& falsely advertised) and of course the added Fragrance or “Parfum”. Nothing irks me more than when I am shopping for skin care or baby products and I see fragrance/perfume has been added. HOW DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE?! Trust me I will dive further into chemicals in skin care and the Mario Badescu case, but this recurrent theme of  chemicals in products is why I am so passionate about non-toxic skin care & home.

Anyways, nothing has worked for me the way Perfectly Posh has. Three years later it is still my favorite skin care line and half the cost of other non-toxic, cruelty-free products on the market.

Perfectly Posh doesn’t fill their ingredient list full of complicated names you could never pronounce or understand (makes you wonder what those other chemicals are huh?).  They use naturally based ingredients from conscientious sources in all products. Amazing ingredients like shea and cocoa butters, essential oils, fruit, and botanical extracts. There is absolutely no filler in any of the products so a little goes a LONNNGG way.  Oh, and the only fragrance you’ll find in Posh products are those created by natural essential oils.

Not only do they use naturally based ingredients, but they are ALL made in America and 100% CRUELTY-FREE! Can I get a “hell yeah!”?!

(P.S: Most products are $25 and under, lots of vegan options, AND Buy 5, Get 1 Free)

Hell Yeah!


BFF Face Wash- Picking Daisies Blog

Okay, so now to the good stuff. How do you combat the changing weather and have perfect skin this spring?!

Keep reading.

My all time favorite face wash is the BFF: Best Face Forever. I have used it since day 1 and it played a HUGE role in my clearing up my skin. Exfoliating is super important when it comes to unclogging your pores and getting rid of dead skin. When they outlawed those microbeads a few years ago I had no idea how I was going to survive.

Then I found BFF and all my prayers were answered. BFF: Best Face Forever Exfoliating Face Wash features exfoliation gentle enough for everyday use. Sugarcane-derived scrubby beads whisk away dry, dead skin cells that sit on the surface of your skin while refreshing grapefruit and peppermint essential oils tone and brighten your face. And this is all wrapped up in a pampering and moisturizing glycerin and aloe vera base.

How much to use to remove a full face of make up

Remember how I said Perfectly Posh doesn’t use any fillers? Well with the BFF, a little goes a long way. You only want to use a nickel size amount if you are trying to remove heavy make-up and a dime size if you are washing make-up free skin. Seriously I wear A LOT of make up and all I need is a nickel size amount to get it all off. A bottle of BFF will last me about a month and a half to two months.

PRO TRICK: When you think you have run out of product, cut the top off your container and you will have about another week or two’s worth. Store out of water in a ziplock bag until the entire bottle is empty. You’re welcome.

Bare It All Make Up Wipes- Picking Daisies Blog

One thing I would love to touch on is how gross makeup wipes really are. Most are filled with harsh chemicals, perfumes, and so many skin irritants. Even if you have never had a bad reaction from your Neutrogena wipes, I can promise you it is damaging your skin.

If you are having a lazy night (no judgment) and don’t want to go through the trouble of washing your face, then you can safely use Bare It All Micellar Cleansing Face Wipes. These wipes are a lifesaver when you’re in a hurry or too tired to go through your regular routine before bed.

Talk about a triple threat… Bare It All Simple Micellar Cleansing Wipes help remove makeup, cleanse, tone, and moisturize skin with one easy-to-use wipe. The wipes contain micelles which are small molecules suspended in soft, hydrating coconut water that act like magnets on the surface of your skin. They attract makeup, dirt, and debris, while prickly pear, apple, and radish root extracts work to tone and moisturize.

I can promise you in one week you will notice a difference in your skin just but switching out your makeup wipes.


The key to healthy, beautiful skin is having a strict skin care routine. What’s great is you are not only helping your skin but pampering yourself as well. Doubles as acts of self-love. I try to mask about 2-3 times a week at most. You don’t want to over mask and do one every day. But every two days or so is perfect.

I also switch off between the masks I use that week. I wouldn’t use the Cackle Spackle Detoxifying Mask 3x in one week because that is too harsh for your skin and WAY over-drying. The key to effective masking is balance.

Don’t worry I took all the guesswork out of which masks to use and when.

SUNDAY: Cackle Spackle

Cackle Spackle Face Mask

Make up is my best friend and my worst enemy. Over the years I have found wonderful products that don’t overly clog my pores. But naturally, when you wear make up every day, dirt, oil, and grime will build up in your skin. That’s why it’s important to detox weekly!

Overly congested skin gets a deeper, detoxifying clean with this oil-absorbing, kaolin clay face mask. Cackle Spackle is filled with charcoal that removes 2,000 times its weight in impurities while helping reduce the appearance of imperfections with tea tree oil.

Apply a thin layer over clean skin, leave on for 5-10 minutes, and remove with warm water.

PRO TIP: Try to avoid using a washcloth to remove face masks (and honestly just in general). Washcloths tear your skin, harbor bacteria, and basically undo all the pampering you just did. I use my hands and warm water to remove and then pat dry with a cloth.

I use the Cackle Spackle on Sunday’s because it full removes all make up build up from the previous week giving me a clean pallet to work with Monday morning.

WEDNESDAY: Hot and Gold

Hot and Gold Mask- Picking Daisies Blog

Hot and Gold Face Mask is the PERFECT mask for a hump-day pick me up!

Hot and Gold is made with a hydrating, glycerin base blended with colloidal gold (real gold particles suspended in liquid), caffeine, and sodium hyaluronate. It brightens lackluster, dull looking skin while it also firms, plumps, and energizes your skin. All working to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and give your skin the natural, hydrated glow you crave.

I love using this mask mid-week because it’s usually when my dark circle and tired skin start to show. My make-up goes on smoother the next day and it looks like I got 10 hours of sleep. Seriously I love it.

And who doesn’t love pampering with real gold particles?! Treat yourself like the queen you are!

FRIDAY: Envy This

Envy This Face Mask- Picking Daisies Blog

Nothing like “Thirsty Thursdays” to leave you haggard and exhausted before the weekend even begins. Or if you’re like me and don’t go out.; a weeks worth of make up, kids, husband, life, ETC is enough to make your skin tired and dull.

That’s why I love using Envy This every Friday night.

Envy This uses a kaolin clay base to visibly reduces pores while caffeine from green tea tightens, energizes, and erases signs of tired skin like dark circles and puffiness. Neem flower extract further protects skin from free radical damage with powerful antioxidants. Leave it on for about ten minutes, then rinse, and you’re set with totally enviable skin.

It is safe to use a few days before the Cackle Spackle and really helps protect your skin. If you don’t use any other mask, I HIGHLY suggest using Envy This one time a week. Protection against free radicals is SO important and we should all be doing something in our daily/weekly skin care routine to protect ourselves. I will talk all about free radicals another time but don’t wait for that post to scare you. Start being proactive now.


Well Adjusted Toner- Picking Daisies Blog

Do you use a toner? If not, START RIGHT NOW.

I seriously never knew what toner did until I went to esthetician school. I learned toner balances your skin out. Did you know if you have oily skin you should actually use more oil or a toner? Your skin is oily because it’s being stripped of its healthy oils thus overproducing to replenish. All of that can be solved with an oil or toner.

Don’t let OIL freak you out. It is amazing for all skin types. It’ll replenish and balance dry, oily, combination skin. I dare you to try it and come back after a week of using it.

So I am going to share with you my three favorite toners. You can switch off every day if you want but you don’t really need too. Find a toner/oil you love and stick with it till it runs out. Once it’s done try something new!

PRO TIP: Switching your products every couple months keeps your skin from becoming immune to it and them no longer working.

The first toner I am going to talk about is Well Adjusted. You can use morning and/or night and you just need a small amount. I prefer not to use any oils or toners in the morning just because my primer and setting spray gives me enough through the day. However, I always finish the night after washing and/or masking with some before I moisturize.

Well Adjusted helps reset your skin back to its most basic healthy state and control daily shine. Use at night to reset skin and remove daily impurities and/or makeup left behind in pores after cleansing. Glycolic acid gently chemically exfoliates dull skin layers while lentil extract reduces the appearance of pores. Beta-glucan adds needed moisture to keep balance across your entire face and neck.

Cann I Be- Picking Daisies Blog

Another favorite of mine is the Cann I Be CBD oil!! It is seriously LIFE CHANGING.

If I don’t use this as my nightly toner, I add a few drops to my neck and wrist morning and night.

Cann I Be More Pampered Oil Drops are a blend of CBD oil and peppermint leaf extract that you can add to your favorite pampering products to make them more soothing, relaxing, and moisturizing (or use on their own!). They are derived from industrial hemp and while they relax and soothe, they won’t get you high.

The CBD is derived from industrialized hemp and non-psychoactive. It completes any pampering routine by not only soothing your skin but your mind as well! Cann I Be locks in moisture and supports skin against harsh environmental factors with omega fatty acids and antioxidants. Every Cann I Be Oil is third-party tested and certified.

I have used a lot of CBD drops and these are by far my favorite!!! However, these are not meant to be digested. Use topically only.

Nothing Phases Me- Picking Daisies Blog

Last but not least, Nothing Phases Me Face Serum is INCREDIBLE!!!

Clogged pores from environmental toxins and pollution can weigh down the look of your skin and cause premature aging (hence why it is so important to protect against free radicals). Nothing Phases Me Serum helps clarify and clear your pores of pollutants and toxins with liquid charcoal. Vegan cholesterol encapsulated in crystals helps plump skin and promote elasticity and collagen production. Additionally, sodium hyaluronate and hyaluronic acid draw in moisture for a double dose of hydration, resulting in brighter, supple, younger-looking skin.

Include this in your nightly skin care routine and you will have the skin of celebrities without all the plastic surgery.

Moisturize 911- Picking Daisies Blog


I could honestly care less if you don’t take any of my advice and just moisturize nightly. You are doing your skin a HUGE disservice by not moisturizing every single time you get out of the shower and especially after you mask.

My favorite moisturizer is Moisturize 911. It is a lightweight aloe vera base loaded with sodium hyaluronate to quench thirsty, tired looking skin while boosting it instantly with caffeine and vitamin C that help tighten and brighten. Even if you could have used a few more hours of sleep, your skin doesn’t have to show it. Re-energize and instantly lift and brighten.

When your skin isn’t given the moisture it deserves it acts out by breaking out, drying, becoming oily, and looking plain tired & haggard. Something soo simple such as moisturizing can literally solve so many of your skin issues.

And that’s a wrap! Get the best skin of your life in 4 easy steps!

Knowledge is power and the more you know, the more you can do to protect your skin and keep it healthy & vibrant for years to come.

I can promise you if you follow this routine from now til March 31st you will have dramatically different skin. Smaller pores, smoother texture, fewer breakouts, and reduced oil production. Don’t believe me?

Try it! Take a picture of your skin today and then a picture after following this routine for 30 days. If you follow it DAILY and see no difference, I will send you a $50 Amazon Gift Card. 😉

If you have any questions about any of these products, feel free to send me an email to: pickingdaisies.info@gmail.com or shoot me a DM on Instagram.

If you end up ordering any of these wonderful products, make sure to tag me on Instagram to be featured!

Happy Spring and cheers to beautiful skin!



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