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Jord Watches: Fashion For The Whole Family

My husband recently started collecting watches and I wanted to help jumpstart his collection by finding some unique wood timepieces for him. That’s when I came across Jord Watches.

I found myself a couple hundred dollars later with a watch and a hat for him and even a gorgeous watch for myself (treat yo self, right?!)

JORD Watches is a company that focuses on the journey, your experience, and telling more than time. They have beautiful, sustainable, hand-crafted timepieces you won’t find anywhere else.


JORD is run by artists, designers, marketers, and minders. They spend their days creating, considering, arguing, and hopefully agreeing. Then they’ll scrap it all for the joy of starting new. Jord has fun. This is our journey. This is your journey.


Jord is focused on creating timepieces that are modeled after a modern lifestyle. They value sustainability, efficiency, and experiential living. They make their watches for people who don’t just have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go.


The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time.

To really bring this to life, Jord offers engraving on their watches. I was able to surprise my husband with the Meridian Wood Watch and have our wedding date engraved on the back!

Don’t just take my word for it, check out for yourself! I can promise you, you will find something for everyone. To help make it easier for you, I have included my top 3 favorite items for men and women!


EVOLUTION of STELLAR PROPORTIONS Guided by material and illuminated by its luster, the 2019 Cora collection elicits charm worthy of her gaze. Three years of imagination & painstaking design have led to a new, classy, more beautiful alteration of the celebrated Cora Collection. Hand-seated Swarovski crystals encircle the vibrant 34mm dial to depict the stars of the Little Dipper. Polaris shines brightly in the northern sky, to guide you through each hour of the day. And beautifully polished metals surround subtle wood accents to bring elegance into existence. The Cora is more than a timepiece, it’s a beautiful example of just how much our universe has to offer.
no stone left unturned.. Classic minimalism designed for versatility The All new Sier Arcadia is an evolution in natural timepiece construction. Clean lines and simple styling with a complex story. Each one of a kind watch dial is rough cut from white marble and hand polished to a beautiful luster. Complimented by interchangeable leather and metal mesh band, Arcadia was made to be worn at any occasion.
a synchronized canvas of moments… Minimalism has never equated to more. Create color in motion, a synchronized canvas of moments. Your time is your own. Find elegance with ease in the ultra slim case and enjoy the comfort of the straight line strap. The uncomplicated face allows focus, the streamlined shaping offers style. Wear time well with the Frankie Purpleheart & Plum.


A STATEMENT PIECE THAT STANDS FOR SOMETHING… Controlled design allows you to say the most with the least, taking only what is needed and allowing it to be known. The newest offering in the JORD collection, the Hyde series, is a model of this minimalism. Cutting through the noise, the stark face, polished band, and precision quartz movement create a timepiece that will truly speak to you. Bring a statement piece that stands for something into your collection with the Hyde, Kosso & Gray.
CAPTIVATING & COMPOSED… For a person of significance, the Sawyer is a watch of substance. A Crashing wave of color is captured in the grounding Ebony case, the 70 link band echoing a rolling tide. Inspired by the sea, it is captivating and composed. An automatic 26 jewel multi-function movement with power reserve, and a sapphire crystal combine with natural hand finished wood to create a true collectors timepiece. Time matters. Wear a timepiece worthy of mention, the Sawyer Ebony & UItramarine.
PALETTE OF POWER… Minimalism has never equated to more. Vibrant emerald green and intensely hued sandalwood meet to form a powerful yet soothing palette. Your time is your own. Find elegance with ease in the ultra slim case and enjoy the comfort of the straight line strap. The uncomplicated face allows focus, the streamlined shaping offers style. Wear time well with the Frankie Dark Sandalwood & Emerald.




Last but not least, I wanted to announce some exciting news! I have teamed up with Jord Watches to bring one lucky winner a $100 discount code off a watch! All you have to do is follow the giveaway link and enter your information. It’s super easy! https://www.woodwatches.com/g/pickingdaisiesblog

Not only will one person win a $100 discount code, BUT everyone who enters will receive a 10% off coupon! Giveaway closes July 12th at 11:59pm PST and winner will be announced no later than July 15th, 2019.


Good luck!


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