Keto Pint: Level Up Your Late Night Snacking

You guys might have seen the Reel I posted on Instagram a few weeks ago. I made a specialty coffee using Keto Pint Butter Pecan Ice Cream! I added it to the frothier with a touch of coconut milk and then added to my coffee. OMG it tasted better than Starbucks and without the sugar!!!

I have shared how I am trying to lose about 52lb in my postpartum journey. I love food and work at a desk all day so it’s been tough I won’t lie. I can eat healthy for like 3 days then I start craving everything under the sun. I realize continuing to deprive myself will lead me to just binge later.

I started researching desserts and treats that taste amazing without a ton of sugar. HELLLOOO KETO PINT!!!

Keto Pint has helped me level up my late night snacking and I wake up in the morning totally guilt free!

Keto Pint honors the keto lifestyle and is here to support those chasing a better lifestyle, diabetics, athletes, parents, and anyone looking to #treatyoself guilt free. What I love most about Keto Pint is that they use premium sourced chocolate! Keto Pint has partnered with one of the largest cocoa processors in the world in an effort to support its sustainability initiatives. Keto Pint partners with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation to purchase its chocolate products at a premium price, helping to fund farmer training in good agricultural practices, farmer support, innovative finance solutions, initiatives to protect children, access to education, women’s empowerment and basic health services. Keto Pint is spearheading its efforts to make sustainably sourced chocolate the norm!

How cool is that?!! Your purchase of Ice Cream just became SOOO much more!! I always say, you vote with your dollars. So choosing brands that give back and have a quality standard that makes an impact is so much more than just buying ice cream. You are making a difference.

Another reason I love Keto Pint and chose them as our family snack, is because they support the Gluten Free lifestyle. Addy was recently diagnosed with a pretty heavy gluten allergy and it has been so hard finding snacks and treats for her to enjoy. Keto Pint allows Chad & I to treat ourselves AND share some with Addy. (Because what toddler doesn’t reach to rip the spoon out of your mouth and into theirs?!)


Founded in March of 2019 by two brothers inspired by the miracles of the keto diet that saved their father’s life.

Our company’s mission is to energize the world with healthier all-natural foods that taste great and truly make a difference.

We are a brand built around family values, constant positivity, and a deep love for healthy ice cream!⁣⁣⁣⁣

⁣⁣For us, keto is not about following a perfect diet. It’s about continually progressing towards living a healthier lifestyle that cuts out sugars, and replaces them with healthy fats, that our mind and body needs to be whole!⁣⁣

From the top down, we pride ourself on being an inclusive company that invites anyone and everyone to try our ice cream and live better lives! Keto or not, you are our family if you simply care to try!⁣⁣

Our biggest focus is offering everyone an ice cream they can trust!

This means an ice cream with no added sugar and zero processed ingredients. All of our ingredients are all-natural and sustainably sourced, and all of our sweeteners and fibers are plant-based and NON-GMO.⁣⁣

We are furthermore, always gluten-free, as well as higher protein and lower sugar alcohols than any other keto ice cream on the market.⁣⁣

Plain and simple. Keto Pint is an ice cream that everyone can enjoy and trust.

How To Buy

Keto Pint makes it easy and you can grab their affordable, delicious, and sustainable products right off their website! They are delivered in a temperature controlled package quickly to your door!

Classic ice cream bars done right! With a decadent dark chocolate coating and a creamy ice cream center you are sure to be falling in love. Because with only 2G net carbs per bar it’s a serious commitment.

The bars are my favorite because I love the crunch. Chad’s personal favorite are the pints because he loves to indulge. No matter what you chose, you can’t go wrong. You will be addicted quickly and rightfully so, it is GUILT FREE!

Get your spoons ready for our 7 premium crafted ice cream flavors! Each pint contains creamy perfection that will make your taste buds say “Thank you”. With only 3G net carbs per serving and no added sugar, our pints will make you never want to look back.

Lastly, I wanted to say thank you SO much to Keto Pint for their $900 Donation to the Marjaree Mason Center Holiday Fundraiser!!! We were able to purchase over 20 items for the center!!!!

So what are you waiting for?!! What flavors have you just now added to cart?!! Let me know below!!!



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