LifeFuels: Being Healthy Has Never Been So Easy


If you guys watch my stories, you know I am a supplement/vitamin nutjob.

Much to my husbands dismay, there are 20+ different vitamins, powders, and oils sitting on the counter that I take daily. But when we travel or have a busy day it makes it SO hard to take my daily vitamins. And as for my husband, he runs estimates all day going into different homes he barley has time to eat let alone to take vitamins.

But then I started seeing some of my favorite Instagramers using this new water bottle LifeFuels.

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LifeFuels mission is to help people reach peak performance in everything they do. So they created this incredible water bottle that infuses your water with different vitamins, supplements, and nutrients. Not only that but their app allows you to control the amount you get AND tracks your water!

I personally love that it tracks my water intake for me because I would keep a journal throughout the day to stay on track with my goals. Now I have it right here on my phone and I can compare each day to the last month to see where I am exceeding, meeting, or lacking in my hydration goals.

LifeFuels bottle holds 3 Pods that each contain up to 30 drinks. You can either mix them in or use one Pod per drink!

You can buy Pods individually or in Pod Packs that are formulated for specific activities, from workout to relaxation. The App connects with the Smart Bottle to trigger shots of vitamins and supplements from Pods to meet your specific hydration needs.

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My favorite Pod Pack at the moment is the Defend Pack. It comes with:

  • Strawberry Mango Multivitamins: Vitamin A, E, C
    • This Pod has your health covered with vitamins A, C, and E which should be taken daily to maintain optimum health.
  • Blackberry Acai Antioxidants: Vitamin A, E, C
    • Use this Pod to help reduce oxidative stress, elevate the immune system, and help protect against heart disease and diabetes. This Pod also contains the essential vitamins A, E, and C.
  • Orange Tangerine Immunity: Vitamin C, E, Zinc
    • This Pod is formulated with zinc, vitamins C, D, B, and E to support and activate immune response. Drink it everyday to help your body fight off sickness.

Each Pod is only 5 Calories and is jammed pack with nutrients and flavor. They use natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives.

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LifeFuels is not just about the App, the Smart Bottle, or the power of our specially formulated Pods that deliver shots of vitamins and supplements. The breakthrough lies within the combination of these innovations into a hydration system built to power people’s performance.

My husband & I were fighting over who got the first water bottle & that sealed the deal of ordering two. We use them EVERY SINGLE DAY & it not only has eliminated water bottle plastic waste but as well as the waste from my 1 serving supplement packets.

And since the holidays are right around the corner use code MARIAH10 to surprise your loved one with their new favorite water bottle!




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