Mental Health Days and Why They Are So Important

Today I am collaborating with Ashley’s Reading Corner on something we are both so passionate about-mental health
If you neglect your mental health, no matter how clean you eat or how much you exercise, you are not healthy. Actually, the whole idea of this blog is finding balance and harmony in your life. That includes making your mental health a huge priority.

What are Mental Health Days?

THEY ARE THE BEST DAYS EVER! They are the days you do whatever YOU want to do. And I HIGHLY suggest taking one AT LEAST once a month. However, if you can shoot for once a week, I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the benefits.
Lay in bed all day (guilt-free), watch trash TV, eat junk food, do whatever you need to do to turn off your brain. If that doesn’t do it for you, then go for a hike, do yoga, take a trip to the zoo. Whatever it is that makes YOU feel rejuvenated and re-energized. There is no wrong or right way to take a mental day.

Ashley’s Reading Corner on Mental Health:

For the last week or so, I felt like I was heading for a meltdown. I was so bitchy I didn’t even want to be around myself. I got in my head too much, and anxiety started to take over. How was I going to get past this?

Yesterday, my husband was gone for the day, and I had a perfect Mental Health ME Day.
I went and ran some errands.
Came home and ate some Indian food (my favorite).
Painted my nails and watched some show that didn’t make me think.
Then went over to my moms to pick up a book my step-dad bought me (he’s the best!) & then headed to the library.
I bought five books for $3 (why have I never done this before?!) and picked up a few of my holds.
I went back home to my dark and cold apartment and watched the Greatest Showman (everybody needs to watch that movie) and the kid’s movie Coco.
After a day of doing everything I wanted to do; my friend Bonnie, who is currently road tripping across America, called me.

That’s when I broke down.

I just started to cry and tell her everything that I was feeling. Things I didn’t want to even admit to myself.

Everybody needs a friend like her.

After listening to me cry and complain for an hour, she said exactly what I needed to hear,

“First, I want you to focus on yourself and make sure you are taking care of Ashley. If you aren’t then everything else will fall apart around you. You are an introvert, and you need some alone time to recharge your batteries, I promise you will feel better.”

She was so right. I was feeling better since I was alone that day and doing what I wanted to do but still wasn’t 100% myself.

That’s when we came up with a game plan which will help me get back in a clear headspace. I’m going to start doing yoga again, find somewhere to volunteer, get back to writing more, continue to read, and once a week take a few hours for myself to recharge my batteries.

In the chaos of work, marriage, and family we often tend to forget the most important person…yourself.

Don’t forget to take time each week to do something just for yourself.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Ashley and for us to come together to share our struggles. It is so incredibly important to remember; you are not alone. Mental Health should be openly discussed, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed. Together we can work together on living a healthier life and aligning our mind, body, and spirit.

Thanks for reading!
Mariah & Ashley

8 thoughts on “Mental Health Days and Why They Are So Important

    1. Yes!! Baths are the best!! Take out the baby toys, hand them over to dad, and go take a nice long soak. You deserve it!

    1. That’s such a good point: for everyone around you as well. I know FOR SURE I am not myself when I don’t have some ME time.

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