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When was the last time you got on Instagram and saw someone with a shiny new toy or on a lavish vacation and thought, “why can’t that be me?!” and instead of feeling happy for them, you felt annoyed, jealous, and bitter. They are so obnoxious! They are so flashy! I don’t even like that bag, it is ugly.

We wouldn’t be human if those thoughts didn’t cross our mind. But what if instead of being bitter or jealous, we were truly excited for them? What a cute purse I love it!!! What a great vacation, have so much fun!!

The first step in strengthening your relationship with money, is how you react to others who have the money you lack.

Today, I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU to go down your feed and comment something nice and encouraging on people you know or random strangers feed  about how excited and HAPPY you are for them.

How do you feel after? Do you feel fake and still bitter? Or do you feel a little bit optimistic and good about spreading love and positivity? I would hope the latter.

Now let’s focus on your personal relationship with money and discover any roadblocks you have created.

How do you feel when you get paid? Do you feel happy and grateful or do you feel dread because you have to spend it on bills?

Do you ever buy scratchers or lottery tickets? Why or why not?

How do you feel when you find forgotten money? Are you thrilled even if it’s a dollar?! Or are you wishing it was more than it was?

Do you feel like you truly deserve to be a millionaire? Or do you feel that because of your age, race, or education you could never reach millionaire status? Why do you have these limiting thoughts?

Money Strengthening Exercises:

Next time you pay a bill, say “THANK YOU”. Thank you for having the money to pay this bill and not get into debt. Thank you for this to be paid on time (or paid at all) when others out there are drowning and can’t afford to put food on the table, let alone pay a bill.

Everytime you go to get gas, take a chance and buy a $1 scratcher or lottery ticket. Even if you don’t win don’t give up. Some states (like California) have a 2nd chance opportunity where you can go online for a chance to win $1000, or the next time you get gas, you might just win $40. (That happened to me at my darkest time. I was going through a breakup and wanted to get out of town alone. I didn’t have hardly any money but had enough for gas and a hotel room for two nights [other bills might not have been paid that month…]. I got a scratcher and scratched while waiting for my tank to fill. On $1 I won $40- exactly how much it just cost me to fill my tank up. It was a sign that I needed this get away to clear my head and that money will present itself when needed most in unexpected ways..Fun fact on this story- it’s when I started texting and reconnecting with my now husband. Everything happens for a reason)

The next time you find ANY forgotten money- whether it’s cents or $1- say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! If it’s $1 go buy yourself a candy bar or your favorite soda and enjoy every sip! If it’s cents, put it in a savings jar and see how much forgotten or random money you can collect in a year. No matter what the total is at the end of the year, cash it in and buy something for YOU. Say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU every single time.

When you are feeling doubtful, brokee, and scared- watch Shark Tank. I SWEAR by this show. So many people from so many backgrounds (the Sharks included) have beaten the odds and made something amazing out of nothing. Mark Cuban doesn’t have a college degree and started out as a paperboy. He is now a BILLIONAIRE. You are capable of so much and I truly believe this show highlights that no matter how unique you are, you can achieve anyhting you put your mind to.

If you are struggling with debt, collectors, and poor credit, I highly suggest you read this post:

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