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Date Night In Boxes: At Home Date Ideas That Cost Less Than Dinner

Dating, in general, is hard to keep up with once you’re married and in the routine of daily life. From work, family, household chores, etc it’s easy for weeks or months to go by without an actual date night where you are just focusing on you on the hubby.

Let alone with a newborn. Once baby is here, a date night is the LAST thing on your mind. First of all- you don’t trust ANYONE to watch your new babe and even if you did have someone, why would you want to go out and get ready when sleeping or relaxing sounds soo much better?!

However, dating is SUPER important even during busy, stressful times. To have a happy marriage you NEED to carve out some time for you and the hubby. Even if it is just once a month you need to make it a priority to focus on each other. I can promise you it will make you better parents, partners, and keep you stronger during stressful times.

So fear not! I have found the perfect solution for you guys to have at least ONE date night a month WITHOUT having to hire a babysitter, spend a ton of money, or even leave the house. Throw on your sexiest PJs, grab the baby monitor, and cuddle up on the couch with your monthly Date Night In box!


Picking Daisies Blog: Date Night In Box Great Love

I came across Night In Boxes while searching Pinterest for at home date night ideas. I didn’t want to print off a bunch of things or create cheesy games he would have no interest in. But when I started reading about the Date Night In box, I felt like it was something we would both enjoy. Now it’s something we look forward to every month! We started when I was 6 months pregnant and I can promise you we will find time even once Addyson is here. I mean, newborns and babies do sleep SOMETIMES. (RIGHT?!)

What drew me in was how they basically set everything up for you giving you all the tools for a perfect night and not to mention the savings!

Their website says the average night on the town is $100+ but once I added up some of our previous date nights, I found it to be much higher and that’s not even including the cost of a babysitter!

Babysitter: $15 an hour (4 hours=$60)
Dinner with apps, drinks, and dessert: $150
Movie: $30 total
Uber: $25

So for one night out, you are looking at about a $265 investment. Yet you can get a Date Night In box for not even the cost of a babysitter.


After being a member for a few months, I reached out to Night In Boxes to partner with them and they gifted the hubby and me, their June Great Love box!

We received it on June 17th and I was able to get everything extra needed for our date night planned on June 18th!

Our box included:
-Roaring Good Time Date Guide full of INCREDIBLE information (I’ll touch on this in a minute)
-Dinner Menu
-Murder Mystery Game
-Chocolate Moonshine Co. Fudge
-Time Capsule
-Dominos for Mexican Train
-Votive Candle
-$100 off $160 Naked Wines purchase

Roaring Good Time Date Guide 

This little book alone is worth the entire cost of the box. There is so much great information in here on not only how to have the perfect date night, but how to really connect with your husband. From tips on setting the mood, table talk, how to play the games, and ways to continue your date night- this book alone sets you up for the perfect date night in. It even includes a free playlist you can download and movies to watch after that are on theme!

The “table talk” section in the Date Guide helps set up future at home dates. Over the 1920s themed dinner, get a pen and paper and plan a time to do the following:

  • Try cooking a new cuisine together that you weren’t drawn to at first (date night in and all you need is groceries!)
  • Conquer a fear:
    • Heights? Watch rock climbing Youtube videos or if you’re itching to get out of the house, hike a tall mountain (strap the baby on and stick to the trails)
    • Scary Movies? Once the baby is asleep pop in a scary movie you have been avoiding! Your hubby will be there to protect you.
    • Karaoke? Put on a Disney movie, grab a hairbrush, and have a karaoke party with the hubby and baby in your living room! (maybe on an actual date night you guys could hit your local karaoke bar and show them what you’ve been practicing).

And to finish off the Date Guide, there is a reflection section & ways to continue your date night.

I love the idea of reflecting together on your date. Too often we go out and do things we think they would like. Sometimes we are right, and sometimes they are faking a smile to not hurt our feelings. But what if we took away all the complexities and just asked them what they thought or wanted? I know, communication, shocking.

The reflection section includes 3 questions such as:

  • What aspect of the date did you enjoy the most? This opens the door for honest communication and saves time for next month avoiding things they didn’t care for and spending more time on the things they did enjoy. (Like skipping the movie and spending some alone time in bed…if you know what I mean)
  • What did you learn about your relationship? Maybe you guys never play games out of fear one will get bored, but found these games brought you closer and were super fun!
  • How will you use this date to build on your relationship moving forward? Will you make sure every month to have a date night in? Or will you spend more time taking turns cooking for one another? Or even just spending the time to ask questions about what you want and like from your relationship?

For ways to continue your date night, they included incredible themed ideas to do that night or to plan for the future. In the Great Love Date Night In Box, they suggested:

  • Watching The Great Gatsby or Midnight In Paris
  • Play card games like Poker or Blackjack
  • Watch a YouTube video or visit their tutorial page and learn how to dance like they did in the 1920s.
  • Plan a night to try out a mixology class for couples or plan another Date Night In and teach each other how to make new drinks at home!

I think this Date Night Guide was extremely valuable and included not only a lot of great information, but reminders and ways to connect with your spouse in the days, weeks, and months to follow. That alone is worth the $41.99 and saves you A LOT of money in therapy or divorce lawyers later down the road. (Just kidding…kinda)


I am currently 8 months pregnant and at home so I spent the afternoon getting the living room ready. I got the candles lit before he got home, and set up the couch with comfy blankets. By the time he got home dinner was ready. I made the West Egg Caprese Skewers as an app and the Goat Cheese & Sundried Tomato Sliders from the provided recipe card.

I am still learning to cook so the fact that I was actually able to make an app and entree is a HUGE accomplishment. They tasted amazing but the plating was horrible so we are not including pictures of that haha.

Even being a novice, the recipes were super easy to follow along and came out delicious!! I love that it takes the stress away of what you’re going to eat by giving you a few options!

Once dinner was done we actually put on The Great Gatsby and started playing the Murder Mystery game. The movie was more of background noise once the game started. We had so much fun we ended up recreating the cards on the back and played again.

When the movie and game were over we weren’t ready yet to go to bed so we decided to watch another movie and play Mexican train! I grew up playing Mexican Train but the version on the Night In Box website was a little different and it was fun to try a new version.

After a few games, we shared the fudge dessert, reflected on our date night, and made plans later in the week to watch 1920s dancing videos and try it out ourselves!

I truly felt like it brought us closer and for once took our mind off our long to-do list and the stress we have been feeling preparing for baby. I was able to get out of my own head and instead of focusing on sore ribs and swollen feet, I was able to focus on the love I have for my hubby. We have so much fun together and it was a perfect night of just laughing and loving on each other.

If you are wanting to try Date Night In Boxes, use this link to sign up for a one time box or grab your monthly subscription! (trust me, once you try it you will be signing up for more). Once you receive your box, tag @datenightinbox on Instagram and use hashtags #DateNightInBox and #DNIGreatLove for a chance to win next months box for free!



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