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Top 10 Must-Haves for Every Dog Parent

Being a dog parent is a lot like being an actual parent. (Don’t @ me- all fur mommas will agree) You have to pet-proof your home, get the best cleaning products (for safety & for accidents), and pretty much change your whole social schedule.

We have three furbabies in our home: 120 lb black Lab, a 50lb Border Collie mutt, and a Whippet puppy. It’s safe to say there is A LOT of hair and an accident a day. So, I wanted to share with you the ten products I could NOT live without!

  1. iRobot Roomba Vacuum for Carpet & Hard Floors

    You can set the vacuum on a timer so it goes off the same time every day or you can start/stop right from your phone or Alexa. With three dogs, the shedding is constant and EVERYWHERE. It’s almost impossible to keep up with. Also after a few days, your dogs will start to ignore it and not freak out every time it sweeps through a room.

  2. A GOOD Lint Roller

    Lint Rollers make all of the difference. They are lifesavers on your couch, curtains, bedding, and clothes. Basically anywhere you don’t want to use a vacuum for. If you have a weak lint roller, you’ll be doing it for hours wasting sheet after sheet. My husband and I tried a different brand each time we finished a roll. It’s safe to say Scotch-Brite Lint Roller works the absolute best. Very sticky and heavy duty. It’s a MUST HAVE!!

  3. Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

    No matter the size or breed, every single dog should be eating out of a slow feeder. When I worked at the Pet Hotel, we had this young and active golden retriever staying with us. She was brought in from the playing room to eat lunch and hang out for about 10 minutes. However, when she was brought back to the camp and started running around, her stomach flipped. I will save you the awful details, but unfortunately she didn’t make it. From the time they carried her to the back of the store Vet, she had already passed. All of that happened because she ate too fast and then played right after. Having your pup eat fast and then play right after is EXTREMELY dangerous. That’s why I love the slow feeder bowls. It takes all of them about 10 minutes to eat their two cups of food, and by then they’re ready for water and a potty break. I feel comfortable knowing if they started playing they are safe since it took them so long to eat their meal!

  4. Sealed Food Storage Container

    My favorite weather-tight food storage container is by Vittles Vault. I love them because they really help keep the food fresh longer. We are also able to store these outside and have never once found bugs or other animals trying to break into them.

  5. Godog Toys

    Don’t waste your money on any other dog toy brand. Bear (our Lab) has had this exact toy for two years and there is not one tear in it. This toy has withstood teather war between three dogs at a time. We found this toy at our local pet store and after a year of this thing still hanging around and looking new, I had to go order a whole bunch more. Godog Toys are made with a chew guard that really lives up to its name.

  6. Pet Stain & Odor Remover

    If you have carpet, couches, or rugs- you NEED this. Seriously, buy it now, thank me later. Nature’s Miracle is my favorite brand. It has removed some pretty gnarly stains and while we’re puppy training, our house doesn’t smell like one big litter box.

  7. Car Seat Protector

    My husband uses his truck for work as well, and after a weekend of us at the pool or lake his backseat would be a MESS! He found this seat cover on Amazon and it has made a world of a difference. We are able to protect his cloth seats from getting torn up, stained, or covered in hair. It’s super easy to clean and provides a protective barrier on your seats to keep your car new longer!

  8. Flea & Tick Shampoo

    I am proud to say (and brag a little bit) that my pups have never once had fleas or ticks! Now it’s not just because of the shampoo I use, but I do think it helps! One tip of advice is if you use a Pest Control Service to ask them to add on the flea & tick control package. It was $5 more a month and keeps my babies protected. However, I do use Tropiclean Shampoo which leaves them smelling like fresh oranges and gives them a little extra protection.

  9. Ear Cleanser for Dogs

    This is a MUST for your furbaby’s health. I will admit I only had Bear’s ears cleaned when he was groomed and never did anything in between. Until we took him to the vet one day and they found a pretty bad ear infection. My poor baby was in so much pain. It’s easy to forget about when they have droopy ears and you can’t see inside them everyday. My vet suggested this brand to keep on hand and use to clean all of their ears out once a week. It’s a simply process and totally worth the money you save in vet bills. Plus, could you imagine if you didn’t clean your ears once a day?!
    All I do is get toilet paper and wrap it around my finger. I then put a little bit of the wash in their ears or on the toilet paper if they are being resistant. I gently rub around to clean them out. Don’t go into the ear canal it can damage their hearing. (Just like with humans)

  10. Dog Neosporin

    I linked my favorite doggy neosporin but I’m sure others work great too! I love having this on hand if they ever get a hotspot, scratch, bug bite, or whatever it may be. It helps prevent an infection as well pain relief. A little goes a long ways and this container will last you 6 months at least!

These are just a few things me and my pups wouldn’t be able to live without.

Lastly, my FAVORITE place to get leashes and collars is at Pack Leash. They donate 2lb of dog food to shelters with every purchase! Their leashes are made to last and so cute! Use code “PickingDaisies20” for 20% off your order.

I would love to hear what your favorites are and if there is something you just HAVE to have. Drop a comment below!

Thanks for reading!!
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