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How To Be Productive Even When You’re Tired

“Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” – Conrad Hilton

Procrastination is the biggest success killer.  When we stop moving and put things off for a later date, we are directly impacting our goals. We are saying to the Universe we don’t actually care if we get the things we want and we are fine being mediocre.

I only get one life and I refuse to be average.

What about you?

Well, to have the success we desire we have to KEEP MOVING.

No matter what it is, don’t let the momentum stop.

I heard a speaker say once, “The only thing you should procrastinate is rest.”

Even when you’re tired and feeling lazy, there is always something you can be doing that is working towards your higher self.

You shouldn’t just create monetary or business goals. No, you should want to grow in ALL areas of life and make a conscious effort to work towards them daily.

A few days ago I was listening to my favorite motivational videos on Youtube and a thought occurred to me: What if I created a to-do list in all areas of my life and whenever I feel lazy, bored, or unmotivated with what I’m working on, I find something different on that list to do?

It allows me to take a much-needed break on my current project while still working towards my higher self.

Always moving.

Intentionally growing.


When you have completed every single item on the list, either start all over again or create a new list.

You’ll probably find yourself needing to repeat a few things on here time and time again but as you and your goals together you’ll need to tweak here and there.


My FAVORITE mental health blogger talked about trying to measure mental health goals. She wrote a great article on creating mental health goals for the blog last month. You can find her post here.

Anyways, she talks about how important it is to track your mental health and find a way to measure them. For me, reflection is a HUGE way for me to measure my goals and see where I am at.

I spend a few minutes (that may turn into an hour) ever Sunday asking myself questions and seeing exactly where I am. I reflect on my weekly, monthly, and long-term goals.

What did I do this week that pushed me closer to my dreams?

What could I have done better?

What will I do next week to work harder and be better?

Be honest and kind to yourself.

This is an exercise to hold yourself accountable and no need to tear yourself down.


-Organize all Christmas boxes-Clean out garage-Clean out back room-Hang up decorations on walls that are ready -Create book wall in library -Organize and clean out the closet-deep clean the house -Paint hallway doors-get handles for hallway doors -Walk bear-Do yoga-Drink hot tea-Grocery shop for the next week-Make a healthy meal plan for the next week -Say affirmations-journal-write a list of things to be grateful for-learn how to cook a healthy meal -paint/get my nails done-Wax-Exfoliate-Shower and shave the whole body-Deep condition my hair -Shop for new clothes-Hunt for Rae Dunn-Binge watch Netflix (only 1x a month)-sleep in (1x a month)-Have a date night with Chad-Cook Chad breakfast/lunch/dinner-Go to lunch with my mom-Get nails done with mom and aunt-host a dinner at our house-host a game night at our house -have a movie night with chad-take Bear for a walk -make a playdate with Stella
-read a book-read articles/books about social networking-take a writing class-start a life coach course-read about great influencers-watch youtube videos that help me grow/inspire me-attend a seminar-attend a workshop-engage on Instagram-do an Instagram live-organize, tag, hashtag everything on Pinterest-pin on Pinterest-follow people on Instagram-Create journals-Edit and re-read my business plan -Go to Carmel for a weekend-go on a weekend vacation in California-go to 6 flags-Plan a big vacation-go to the movies-Go to the Zoo -Pack for Italy-Practice speaking some words in Italian-look into fun things to do in Italy-research and sign up for cooking class at home-Sign up for a cooking class in Italy -Plan Chad’s 30th bday party-Plan Chad’s 30th bday in Portland

“Go a little easier on yourself, and in so doing, be prepared to make and do things that might seem silly at first. Just keep moving: don’t ruminate and stare at the wall. Don’t just play with your phone: go out and produce something.” – Merlin Mann

There is always something we can be doing. Even when you feel overwhelmed with your project, remember that is just one area of your life. You have about seven other areas that need equal attention.

When you are stressed, overworked, and overwhelmed it’s the perfect time to work on something new on your to-do list. Even if it’s waxing your eyebrows you are doing something that is benefiting yourself.

You got this.

I can see the places you’ll go.


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