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Stop Being an Asshole Rae Dunn Collector

So today is not my normal style post. It is more of a rant honestly. I am sharing my story of being apart of the Rae Dunn community and why we need to join together to change the attitude of collecting. We need to STOP all these Rae Dunn horror stories and treat everyone we meet (yes, even upsellers) with kindness or at least SOME decency…

A few months ago I came public with my love for Rae Dunn. I created a post “ Beginners Guide to Rae Dunn,” and it was a hit! Because so many people loved it I thought I would join the Rae Dunn community.

Oh, boy was I in for a wild ride.

I connected with some wonderful ladies that in our talks, warned of awful “hunters” or “collectors.” At the time I just rolled my eyes and brushed it off. I was sure they were being a little over dramatic.


Now if you don’t know what Rae Dunn is, make sure to check out Beginners Guide to Rae Dunn and then come back here.

So I launched my Rae Dunn Instagram, joined the groups on Facebook, and couldn’t wait for the other wonderful ladies I would meet.

The drama started right then and there.

First, I started a giveaway of a Rae Dunn Halloween Canister. The giveaway lasted a week, and the winner was chosen fair and square by a random name generator. Once I chose the winner, the hate DM’s started.

I was accused of cheating, lying, and giving away a “fake” product.

First off- why the hell would I cheat? If I cheated, a local person would have won, and I wouldn’t have spent $50 to mail the canister to Florida.

Anyways, I ignored it.

Then I had an incident at a local store (the second one I’ve witnessed). I arrived at opening and watched three grown women shove the man in front of them and SPRINT to the Halloween aisle.

The poor store manager apologized and explained they collected pottery and come every day.

After making my way to a different aisle, I ran into the same three women calling this other “hunter” awful names. Mind you- these are GROWN ASS WOMEN acting this way over $5.99 mugs.

So I posted it on Instagram to share my experience and help promote another Instagrammer’s Rae Dunn Kindness Challenge.

Well, you guessed it- MORE DRAMA STARTED.

I had a message from a new follower that is local asking what store I was at. Having nothing to hide, I told her.

Let’s just say I learned to keep my mouth shut and mind my own damn business.

This girl put me through the RINGER!

Posting about me on MULTIPLE Facebook Local pages to bash my story and accuse me of making things up for more followers.

She then messaged me letting me have it about how I am creating more drama, lying, scamming for followers, etc.

And that’s when I said that’s it I’m done.

I am a blogger that works to EMPOWER others, not tear them down.

I felt like I was getting involved in a cut-throat community and they were out for blood.

Again, this is all over $5.99 mugs.

I no longer rolled my eyes at the warning I first received and came to the conclusion that this kind of treatment happens more often than not.

It has gotten so bad, especially at times of new releases, that employees actually QUIT THEIR JOB over the abuse and disrespect they get from different hunters.

Are you kidding me?!

We need to remember we are all humans that deserve light and love.

Before I finish this post- I want to share with you all @Oops.I.Dunn.It.Again #SpreadingDunnKindness Challenge. She is one of my all time favorite Instagram accounts and is actively trying to do some good with her platform. She uses Instagram to encourage other collectors to think of others, spread some good karma, and remember how we all felt when we first started collecting and couldn’t find our unicorn pieces.

If you take anything from this ramble (or rant), take @Oops.I.Dunn.It.Again message and next time you are out hunting, share a few of your pieces with newbies, offer a smile to another collector, ask how the cashier’s day is. Kindness will get us so much further than hate, greed, and resentment.

I hope everyone who goes out and hunts remembers the way they make others feel is what truly matters in life, not the size of your collection.

Thanks for letting me ramble today and share my story.

  1. Omg! It was like you wrote this through me!! I became a Dunn collector back in August I think and was so excited to get into something “fun and exciting.” Boy was I in for a sh*tshow! These women (if you want to call them that) are CRAZY! Not to mention mean and catty. My last straw was when I posted a photo of a cart FULL of pasta bowls (probably about 50-60) that someone had snatched off the shelves…she literally CLEARED the shelves. Told someone she kept 10 sets of 4 bowls for herself and the others were for her friends. I got SLAMMED by women in her little ring for posting that photo. I also had the other side of women who were thankful I shared it because it opened their eyes as to WHY they weren’t getting things when they shopped. It’s a very DARK world, this Rae Dunn. I just couldn’t subject myself to that type of cattiness anymore. It’s stupid and childish…I have way more important things to do with myself than to worry about pottery and who’s toes you’ll step on.

    1. I am so sorry you have gone through that! It is seriously insane how these “women” can act. However, I feel like if we bring attention to the dirty side (like you and I have done) it will make women feel ASHAMED to act that way and maybe, just maybe inspire them to try a new tactic and be KIND and GENEROUS! You keep doing you and that’s all we can do!

  2. This was my experience this morning. I love Rae Dunn. I think it’s darling. I guess I sort of collect but it’s more… if I’m at the store maybe I’ll buy a mug… type of thing. If I ever go to any of the stores the SAME group of women are there. Doesn’t even matter what time of day! They run in. Run to the holiday section. Take EVERYTHING. It is beyond obnoxious. Or stand by the stock room door. A sweet employee told me yes it is every single day. I saw the red Christmas line online and stupidly thought Oh I’d love a mug! Forget it. Again same damn women push and shove and RUN. Grabbing it all. I give up. I live in Valencia,Ca. Just had to vent.

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