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Rae Dunn Tips & More

Rae Dunn

If you guys have been following for a while, you know I am one of those crazy Rae Dunn junkies. I tried so hard to not fall into the trap but about a year ago, I couldn’t resist any longer and finally caved.

I mean, do you blame me? How freaking adorable are her pieces?! Plus you get a total high searching for hard to find pieces (known as unicorns) and FINDING them.

So today, I wrote this post for all you Dunnies out there- new or old collectors, this one is for you.

I want to share others ISO (in search of list), trusted sellers, scammer list, and other fun tips!

Enjoy, xx.

P.S if you have an item up for trade or sell on someone’s ISO list- feel free to reach out to them! I hope to help others complete their collection and connect with some really awesome collectors.


As you know by now, you can only find Rae Dunn at Home Goods, Marshalls, or TJ Maxx (with the exception of some boutiques).

Because it is limited to three stores and the inventory is not guaranteed it is recommended to be there right at the store opening. That is when you are most likely to find the most sought after items.

Most stores open at 9:30am but check your local hours.

BUT BEWARE DURING THE HOLIDAYS! Some people are out for blood and I’ve seen some pretty gnarly catfights before.

Also, try to make friends with other people at store openings. I am still super intimidated by this but I have seen so many people have success befriending local Dunnies and are able to cross off their ISO at retail prices!

Another great tip is to always hunt when you are out of town! I went to a Home Goods in the Bay Area and my JAW DROPPED over the aisles and aisles and AISLES of Rae Dunn on the shelf at 1pm on a Saturday. Some places get way more stock so it is always worth checking out.


There are SOOOOO many Rae Dunn Scammers out there and it is SO sad! However, if you know what to look for and are aware, you can avoid being part of a Rae Dunn Scam.

  • Never trade or buy from someone you don’t know and trust outside of Mercari or Depop. If they want you to Paypal, Venmo, or Cash App them- it’s a scam
  • Ask for a picture of the item with the date and their name written on a paper next to it.
  • Check to see if they only post store pictures. If the item for sale/trade/waffle isn’t in their home EVER they more than likely don’t own it.
  • Don’t Paypal Friends & Family ANYONE you don’t know or trust
  • If the backgrounds of their pictures always change- it’s a scam
  • If you feel like you’ve seen that picture somewhere else, it’s more than likely a scam

I highly recommend following @raedunnreleases to stay up to date on all scammers.


Waffles are raffles but they change the name so it’s not reported to Instagram or Facebook. There is a lot of controversy on these but in my personal opinion, mind your own damn business.

For a waffle, the host will say how much the buy-in is and how many slots are available. It’s usually an amazing deal because if you win, you get that item for your buy-in price! However, if you lose you don’t get your money back. There are hundreds of waffles on Facebook and Instagram but I would go with your gut and make sure it is a trusted person first.

I highly recommend following @raedunnreleases who stays up to date on scammers!


I am trying to help everyone complete their collections for at or near retail price. Unless it is a “unicorn” piece, please do not message them if you are way over retail or if there are cheaper on the market.

  • Black LL Mugs
  • Dad Fuel LL Mug
  • Grandpa LL Mug
  • Wife Mom Boss LL Mug
  • Love You More LL Mug
  • Wanderlust LL Mug
  • Amour LL Mug
  • Heart Red Inside LL Mug
  • Dunn Runn LL Mug
  • FOMO LL Mug
  • Sugar Big Canister
  • Treats Canister
  • Mine Canister
  • Goodies Canister
  • Yours Canister
  • XOXO Canister
  • Black Halloween Canisters
  • Black Everyday Canisters
  • More Please Canister
  • Yum Canister
  • Valentine’s Day Heart Plates
  • Hocus Pocus Mug
  • Valentine’s Day Canister
  • Red LL Canisters
  • Red LL Mugs
  • Nutcracker Collection
  • Gnome Collection
  • Black LL Candy Bowl
  • Welcome Birdhouse
  • Baby Bird Birdhouse
  • Mama Bird Birdhouse
  • Flourish Vase
  • Hold Qtip Holder
  • Grow Vase
  • Tissue Box
  • LL Soup Bowls
  • #Hashtag LL Mug
  • #UGH LL Mug
  • Selfie LL Mug
  • Happy Wife LL Mug
  • YOLO LL Mug
  • Beach Please LL Mug
  • Cat Lady LL Mug
  • Thanks A Latte LL Mug
  • It’s A Lifestyle LL Mug
  • La Vida Mocha LL Mug
  • MEOW Purple Inside LL Mug
  • Farm Mugs with Color Inside
  • OG Sweets Chubby Canister
  • Round LL Nest
  • Homeline Round Birdhouse
  • Feathers Round Birdhouse
  • 2 Noodles Cereal Bowls
  • Round Farmline Plates Set of 4
  • Feeling Wicked LL Mug
  • Trick/Treat White with Orange Inside LL Mug
  • Trick or Treat Canister White
  • Happy Halloween Canister White
  • Boo Canister
  • Trick Canister
    • Mermaid (blue inside)
    • Namaste
    • Any Christmas
    • Dad Fuel
  • Icon Coffee Mugs
  • Script Fly Birdhouse
  • Woodgrain Knock Birdhouse
  • Under The Mistletoe Birdhouse
  • Hangry Pasta Bowl
  • Hangry Cereal Bowls
  • Popcorn Bowl
  • Newstyle Teapot
  • Hot Cocoa Pot
  • Oink Farmline Canister
  • Red Christmas Canister
  • Cocoa Canister
  • Peppermint Cellar
  • Fruit Container
  • Salt & Pepper Boutique Crowns
  • Oil & Vinegar Boutique
  • Welcome Birdhouse
  • Sweets Canister (New)
  • Cinnamon Canister
  • Marshmallow Cellar
  • Halloween Canisters and Mugs
  • Salt & Pepper Cellars
  • Go Ask Your Father LL Mug
  • Happy Wife LL Mug
  • Friyay LL Mug
  • Halloween Mugs
  • Veteran Mug
  • Hero LL Mug
  • You Are My Sunshine LL Mug
  • Happy Birthday LL Mug
  • Christmas Mugs
  • Mama Bird Birdhouse
  • Baby Bird Birdhouse
  • Mug Life LL Mug
  • Military Brat LL Mug
  • Army Wife LL Mug
  • Dunn Hunter LL Mug
  • I Woke Up Like This LL Mug
  • Hunny Bunny LL Mug
  • Peeps Sake LL Mug
  • Hot Mess LL Mug
  • Cocoa LL Mug
  • Pumpkin Spic LL Mug
  • Thanks Latte LL Mug
  • Adulting LL Mug
  • Brave LL Mug
  • Fighter LL Mug
  • #Hashtag LL Mug
  • Cappuccino Mugs
  • LL Papa Bear Mug
  • Red Inside Christmas LL Mugs
  • Cocoa Canister
  • Double Sided Fall Y’all LL Mug
  • It’s A  Lifestyle LL Mug
  • Fur Mama LL Mug
  • Milk LL Mug
  • Peppermint LL Red Inside Mug
  • Happy Birthday Day LL Green Inside Mug
  • Good Vibes Cereal Bowl Melamine
  • Summer Cereal Bowl Melamine
  • Paradise Cereal Bowl Melamine
  • Sunshine Cereal Bowl Melamine
  • Round Perch Birdhouse
  • Slanted Home Birdhouse

Well, that’s all I have for now! If you would like to read more about Rae Dunn, you can check out my previous blogs here:



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