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Sincerely Silver Custom Jewelry: The Perfect Gift For Her

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A couple days ago I posted a picture on Instagram wearing my “A” & “C” initial necklace from Sincerely Silver and I got SO many DM’s asking about the company!

I wanted to share a quick blog with you guys about why they are my FAVORITE custom jewelry company and how their quality surpasses everyone else.

Sincerely Silver makes a perfect gift for any woman in your life. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, birthday, birth of your child, or anything else- she is sure to love and treasure it for years to come.

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I have been wanting a piece of jewelry for months that represented my husband and baby girl but couldn’t find anything online I trusted. I hate buying jewelry if I am not absolutely certain that the metal is high quality. There is nothing worse than a rash from cheap jewelry.

That’s when I stumbled across Sincerely Silver (on Instagram of course) and FINALLY found what I was looking for!

All of their jewelry has the .925 stamp meaning it is AUTHENTIC sterling silver and won’t leave you with the nasty rash I was talking about or turning your fingers green. Yuck.  Sterling Silver is harder to scratch than pure silver, lasts longer, and less dull than pure silver. Basically, it’s what you want in jewelry for longevity. You can read all about the .925 stamp here. 

Even though I didn’t personally choose the Sterling Silver necklace, I chose the option in Rose Gold which uses .925 Gold and is the same concept as the silver! I was so happy to find a company that cares so much about the quality of their products. All of their products have fast shipping and you don’t have to worry about a month + turn around time. Each item on their website comes with detailed instructions on how to order your personalized gift, making it SO easy and foolproof!

You can also find a handful of useful blogs on their website about how to clean your jewelry, choosing a ring size, choosing the perfect necklace length, and so much more!

Metal: rose gold Chain: 18″ rose gold chain Size: 5/8″ wide

Initial Necklaces:

This is a beautiful personalized rose gold initial necklace that hangs on an 18″ rose gold chain. Its simplicity makes it easily paired with everyday attire and any other necklace styles!

The wonderful thing about this rose gold monogram initial necklace is that you can customize it with any initial!

You can personalize it with any initial that is meaningful and keep it with you at all times.

I chose to get two, one “A” for our rainbow baby Addyson debuting in August and one “C” for my incredible husband Chad. I love wearing them daily and truly feel even more connected to them.

Favorite Pieces:

Sincerely Silver has a wide variety of jewelry to choose from that will fit into any woman’s closet. Continue reading for my top 3 favorite pieces from Sincerely Silver aside from my top fav initial necklace!

This is a premium personalized circle initial necklace made of solid sterling silver necklace and an 18″ chain. It is part of our Initial Necklaces Collection.
The wonderful thing about this initial necklace silver circle is that you can not only personalize it with any initial you want, but you can also add a date or phrase on the bottom curve of the necklace! Do you have a best friend who lives far away? Consider getting her this small circle initial necklace with the word “besties” engraved on the bottom of it!
Are you a new mom and looking for a unique way to commemorate the birth of your first child? You could get your child’s initial cut out inside the circle with their birth date engraved on the bottom!
No matter what initial is meaningful to you, we can help you create a unique necklace for you to pair with other necklaces or just to wear by itself! Whether you are looking for yourself or for someone else, this circle initial necklace is so unique and will be cherished by the wearer.
This is a beautifully made custom bar bracelet using your own handwriting. It is part of our Handwriting Jewelry Collection, in which you can write any message you would like!
This item of jewelry is so special because you can create a signature bracelet of a loved one’s handwriting using old letters that they have written to you, for instance. A handwriting bracelet is such a unique way to keep the words of a loved one close to you, always.
Some ideas for what to engrave on your bar bracelet are: “I love you,” “You are my sunshine,” “Believe,” or even a child’s name in their own handwriting! There are so many wonderful ways you can commemorate a loved one. For more ideas regarding what to engrave on your custom handwriting bracelet, check out our Handwriting Bracelet Collection.
Whether you are looking to get a personalized handwriting bracelet for yourself or for a loved one, this style of personalized bar bracelet is so unique since you can use your own actual handwriting!
Here is our sterling silver personalized coordinates wrap ring. It is part of our Coordinates Jewelry Collection and can be personalized with any GPS coordinates in the world!
This ring engraved with coordinates is a wonderful way to keep a location close to you, always, no matter the distance. If you’ve moved far from good friends, family members, or partners, the distance can feel unbearable at times. However, with a custom coordinates ring, you can at least keep a simple reminder of the love and joy you experienced with you at all times.
There are a lot of locations that hold a lot of significance to us. If you’ve recently moved from a close friend, a simple but meaningful gift is a coordinates ring with the GPS coordinates of the location where you first met or where you spent a memorable day together.
Coordinate rings jewelry also makes for a great anniversary gift idea to commemorate the location of your wedding, proposal site, or honeymoon, for instance.
In general, wrap rings make for a beautiful style of ring. Coordinate rings are a wonderful way to commemorate all the important places in our lives.


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