Winter Skin Care Products Under $20 from iHerb

If you guys have been following me for awhile, you know I am a HUGE skincare junkie. But not just any products CLEAN BEAUTY ONLY.

That means cruelty-free, non-toxic, and fragrance free.

I am always looking for new brands with products I just can’t live without. (My husband may say that’s everything, my beauty shelf is pretty extensive). But not one thing on my shelf is like the other and I truly seek out ways to keep my skin healthy, young, and vibrant.

With winter approaching I am starting to get dry patches already and little breakouts. My makeup is not going on as smooth as I’d like and my acne scars seem more noticeable. So I set out to find the perfect Winter Skin Care Bundle.

I have used nutrition products from iHerb for awhile so when they reached out asking if I wanted to try their newest skin care products of course I said yes! iHerb carries over 30,000 natural products and ships to over 180 countries. And all iHerb orders are shipped from climate-controlled distribution centers to ensure the quality of their products. Plus their customer service is unlike anyone else, they offer customer service 24 hours a day / 7 days a week in 10 different languages.

What really stood out to me is the price of everything. For creams this quality on the market they are $50-$100 a bottle. However, most of these products are under $20. A high quality brand with affordable products?! Yes please! I couldn’t wait to try them!! (and let me tell you, they didn’t disappoint!)

iHerb gifted my the following products to test out and review:

  1. PrescriptSkin Glycolic Acid Cream 5%
  2. PrescriptSkin Retinol Toner
  3. Radiant Seoul Brightening Moisturizing Cream
  4. Radiant Seoul Balancing Charcoal cleansing Oil
  5. Radiant Seoul Revitalizing Youth Protect Serum
  6. Sympli Beautiful Revitalizing Vitamin A Complex
  7. Sympli Beautiful Coconut Smoothing Micro Polish

Let’s get started!!

PrescriptSkin Glycolic Acid Cream 5% $18

What I like about the iHerb website is that they post the expiration date. So many companies leave this out and it really changes the quality of the product. The current shipment of product expires in Dec 2022 so you are getting a fresh batch and I could honestly tell!

I use this cream after washing my face at night as a toner to hydrate the skin, while improving the appearance of discoloration and pore size. It is made with lavender, chamomile, calendula, safflower, cucumber & green tea. These are natural soothing agents that are easily absorbed by your skin for maximum efficiency.

After a week of using it nightly I noticed my acne scars were lightening and the pores of my nose were minimizing! The safflower in it has dramatically helped my skin absorb and retain moisturize leaving an all around smoother looking complexion.

PrescriptSkin Retinol Toner $15

Next up is the PrescriptSkin Retinol Toner that I use every morning. With skin care, consistency is key and developing a quality skin care routine morning and night is CRUCIAL.

I like this toner because it has retinol which is known to help reduce signs of premature aging, fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. The toner is enhanced with antioxidants and plant extracts to help the skin appear firm and smooth. Basically Botox in a bottle 😉

I wash my face in the morning with iHerb’s Radiant Seoul Balancing Charcoal Cleansing Oil (review below) and then follow up with PrescriptSkin Retinol Toner. I douse an organic cotton pad and apply all over my face and neck.


Radiant Seoul Brightening Moisturizing Cream $12

As someone with acne scars and dark spots, I LOVE  a good brightening cream. I honestly thought this one was going to be hard to impress, but it proved me wrong! I LOVE IT!! It is light enough to wear in the morning under make up and I apply it after toner.

This is a rich cream (but not greasy) that contains Niacinamide, Shea Butter and Adenosine to help lessen the appearance of dark spots and enhance brightness and moisture. Niacinamide is a B Vitamin that can help to improve uneven skin tone, diminish dullness, and can help to increase the production of ceramides. Shea Butter is a skin superfood that contains rich emollient fats that can penetrate the skin to deliver hydration. Adenosine has been shown to be effective to reduce visible signs of aging and improve skin smoothness, tone, and overall appearance.

It feels great on all day and I love that it is working under my makeup! It is the perfect superfood combo to combat acne scars and early prevention for wrinkles!

Radiant Seoul Balancing Charcoal Cleansing Oil $12

First off, I am OBSESSED with their Radiant Seoul packaging. It is SO sleek and makes it a great gift for men. I can sneak great skincare into my hubby’s routine with this attractive packaging. LOVEEEE it!

Charcoal cleansers are my favorite EVERR!! Charcoal can pull 10x its weight so it is amazing for cleaning out impurities. I use this in the morning to help truly clean my skin after a night of sleeping on a pillow. It is a purifying oil cleanser infused with charcoal powder and plant extracts to gently remove makeup and debris to reveal a soft luminous complexion. Charcoal unclogs pores and helps to remove impurities for smooth, clean skin.

Radiant Seoul, Balancing Charcoal Cleansing Oil is gentle enough to use morning and night followed up with moisturizer. Just try this one, I swear you won’t go back!

Radiant Seoul Revitalizing Youth Protect Serum $12

I love, love, LOVE this Serum!! Seriously turning 26 has left me hard core trying to prevent any wrinkles. Who knew they would come so dang fast?!! I use this every night before bed.

It is the ultimate all-in-one anti-aging serum. It improves the appearance of skin tone & firmness while enhancing skin brightness & moisture absorption. When your skin is moisturized which is hard to keep up in the winter months, it is plump and youthful. Fine lines start to minimize and your face looks and feels fabulous. If you work on only one thing in your skin care routine, let that be moisturization!

Sympli Beautiful Revitalizing Vitamin A Complex $17

This is a nighttime treatment designed to give your skin a healthy, natural glow and help to reduce the appearance of redness and dark spots. I SWEAR BY THIS.

My acne scars are red and mixed in with dark spots so I do whatever I can to minimize those. That’s why this entire bundle has worked so amazing for me, they all target different areas on my skin while coming together to reduce redness and dark spots. However, this Revitalizing Vitamin A Complex is the holy grail.

This synergistic blend features 3 forms of Vitamin A, Hyaluronic Acid, and CoQ10. After using for a few days I notice a dramatic difference in my complexion as well as waking up to my skin feeling more plump. I use this nightly and mix it with the Youth Protect Serum when I apply.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! I have already bought a bottle for EVERYONE on my Christmas list. No joke, if you ignore everything else, DON’T IGNORE THIS. WALK DON’T RUN, YOU NEED THIS!

Sympli Beautiful Coconut Smoothing Micro Polish $15

This baby you use 2 times a week to gently exfoliate. It is infused with gentle exfoliating micro-crystals to remove dead skin cells and help refine the texture of the skin. The secret to smooth skin (even with acne scars) is removing the top layers of dead skin. When you let this build up you can get more breakouts and have an uneven texture. This makes makeup go on horribly and your skin look more dry than it actually is.

Made with brightening fruit extracts and nourishing vitamins instantly revive the appearance of skin, leaving a soft, silky feel. This luxurious scrub does not contain plastic microbeads, which are not only abrasive but are not eco-friendly. Instead, this formula utilizes sodium bicarbonate and jojoba esters that dissolve in water and break upon application providing a much gentler and effective exfoliation for a refreshing, softer feel.

This is for sure another one you can’t pass up and need to add into your skin care routine weekly. After you do a deep exfoliation, put on your favorite face mask since your skin is ready to absorb and cleanse! Don’t forget to tone and moisturize after!!! Do this routine 2x a week and thank me later!

I can honestly say there wasn’t one product I wasn’t impressed with. Everything not only feels great, but works great. I used these products for two weeks before writing my review.

If you are looking for your new favorite skin care products or shopping for a skincare junkie on your list, you can get these high quality items for under $200. Usually products THIS GOOD can be as expensive as $200 PER ITEM.

High quality, clean ingredients, and AFFORDABLE.

Run don’t walk, like I said, you will thank me later.




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