10 Ways To Strengthen Your Marriage In One Week

I know, todays blog sounds like total click bait. But I can promise you it’s not.

I really have the secret to a strong, happy, long marriage.

Wanna know what it is?


Yep. You heard that right.

Practicing gratitude daily in your marriage will strengthen it faster than anything else.

Think about all the areas you may lack in your relationship.

Communication, acts of love, physical touch, whatever it may be- it can all be solved by gratitude.

Showing gratitude to your partner isn’t just saying “thank you” or “I appreciate you”, but it’s SHOWING you are grateful. Actions speak louder than words.

There are so many ways you can show gratitude and that’s what todays post is all about.

10 ways to strengthen your marriage in one week Picking Daisies Blog


When I was doing one-on-one coaching, a lot of people wanted to talk about strengthening their relationships. Everyone would go into how their partner doesn’t carry their weight around the house like they used to. Or that they stopped doing sweet things for them like date night and flowers.

After listening to how things used to be so great and over time they just got comfortable and lazy, I would ask when the last time they expressed gratitude and said “thank you.”?

EVERYONE got defensive. “Why would I say thank you when he’s not doing anything?”. “Why should I have to be the one to plan a date night when I’m always the one making the effort?”

That thought process right there will end your relationship faster than anything else.

You need to lead by example.

Someone who feels loved and appreciated, will always do more than is expected of them.

When you feel like you are always making the effort, I ask you to think back over the last 30 days. Are you really the one making the effort?

In the last month did you greet them when they/you got home with a hug and a kiss? Or did you greet with the stresses of the day and mad about something?

In the last month did you do something for your partner without asking for recognition after? Or did you do something and then get mad over their reaction?

In the last month did you give your partner a few hours “off” or did you push and nag at everything that they weren’t doing?

In the last month did you thank them for the things they do for you? Or did you remind them of everything they don’t do?

In relationships we have the ability to destroy or build one another. If you continue down a pattern of both of you not making an effort, thinking the other one should be better- then your relationship will die.

I can promise you after a few days of making the effort first, truly making an effort, you will notice your partner starting to make changes too.

Gratitude is truly infectious.


  1. When you see your partner for the first time after a long day, instantly give them a kiss and a smile.

  2. Say “thank you” after your partner does tasks, no matter how simple. Thank you for taking the trash out. Thank you for feeding the baby. Thank you for cooking dinner. etc

  3. Do a task that they usually do for them- AND DON’T RUB IT IN THEIR FACE OR ASK FOR PRAISE.

  4. Send a text during the day that you appreciate everything they do for you.

  5. Make a spontaneous post on Instagram showing love for your partner.

  6. Pick up their favorite snack or drink on the way home.

  7. Ask about their day.

  8. Ask them if there is anything you can do for them.

  9. Plan a date night for them or cook their favorite meal

  10. Let them have a self-care night. Run them a bath or shower, handle the kids & let them just relax.

We often forget in relationships that to be happy together, you have to be happy individually. It is easy to get caught up in the businesses of life, kids, and work but self-care is so important. Allowing you both to have self-care nights will not only make YOU feel better, but will strengthen your relationship because you both will feel relaxed and re-energized. So make time once a month where you both can have a self-care night or a few hours of alone time. Even if you have kids, you always have time.

Relationships, especially marriage, is hard work. Don’t let romantic comedies or these “perfect” couples on Instagram fool you that everything is easy and effortless. That is not true love at all, that is infatuation that quickly dies down and requires hard work to sustain a long and happy relationship.

So let’s break the status quo that our generation is full of divorces or failed relationships. Loved ones deserve to be appreciated and if you can’t live without someone, show them.

Now log off and go show your babe some major love and appreciation.



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