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Must Have Summer Beauty Products: Men & Women Products You Can’t Live Without This Summer

Picking Daisies Blog

Can you believe we are over half way through June?! The weather has finally figured its shit out here in Central California and we have reached consistent 100+ degree weather.

Hot summer days call for pool time, long afternoons at the beach, and BBQs! With all that though comes some major changes and even damage to your skin and hair.

The heat causes you to sweat more and produce more oils to keep your body temperature down which is great and all until it is clogging your pores. Plus extreme sun exposure leads to premature aging, wrinkles, and breaks down the collagen in your skin. That’s why a consistent skin care regimen is SO important during the summer months.

Today I am reviewing the latest men’s and women’s beauty products that are PERFECT for summer! From deodorants, body washes, to makeup, skin care, and hair care. I’ve got you covered! I have rated, described, and shared my thoughts on all products to help you find your perfect match that will have you looking good while enjoying the outdoors this summer.

PLUS!!! All of these products are cruelty-free, most are vegan, AND almost all of them are free of harsh, toxic chemicals. WOOT WOOT!


Even though men like fine wine, it’s still super important to take care of your skin during the summer months. Manscaping if you will. My husband LOVES when we have “pamper” nights and has recently been trying some new products specifically for men.

Here are some of the products he has tried to help him stay fresh in this insane heat.

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Rating: 5/5
About: This all-in-one deodorant and moisturizer was designed specifically for ‘below deck’ and highly active areas. The residue- and oil-free, anti-chafing gel features ingredients that preserve the skin’s essential barrier, promote antibacterial protection and maintain all-day freshness.
Thoughts: My husband actually LOVES this as hilarious as it is. He wishes he would have used a “ball deodorant” years ago. For his job he is constantly getting in and out of the car and being in the heat. By the end of the day he just feels gross, sweaty, and itchy. He really feels like it prevents excessive sweating, helps keep his underwear fresh, and makes his day more enjoyable.

Rating: 5/5
About: This essential hygiene solution features cooling tea tree oil that creates a therapeutic cooling sensation for up to 24 hours. Keep your feet odor free and comfortable with only one daily application. Trusted by professional athletes and specifically designed for active lifestyles.
Thoughts: My hubby wears boots all day and I HATE the smell of his socks in the hamper. We had to find a solution and honestly have tried so many different products. This is by far his (and mine) favorite. It helps keep his feet dry which protects against infections as well. Tea Tree oil is incredible for combating bacteria and helps prevent excessive sweating.

TIP: Men should get monthly pedicures as well to maintain foot health and decrease shoe stank. Your wives will love that you are bonding with them and that they don’t have to smell your dirty socks/shoes.

Rating: 5/5
About: As seen on Shark Tank! It features a strong 6,000 RPM motor with QuietStrokeTM technology that can handle coarse and curly hair without tugs and pulls and has rust-resistant, hygienic, replaceable ceramic blade module featuring SkinSafeTM technology to prevent nicks and snags.
Thoughts: He was STOKED when I found this trimmer for him. No more using a beard trimmer that isn’t always the most gentle. He has had zero issues, knicks, or cuts and has been using the same blade for about 3 months now. He also likes that you can just order blade replacements when needed.

TIP: During the summer months men should keep their downstairs as hair-free as possible. It helps reduce sweating and eliminates a buildup of bacteria. Excessive hair will not only make it smell worse but can increase the risk of infection. Plus your wife doesn’t want to deal with a jungle, so shape it up a little for her.


Rating: 5/5
About: Deep cleansing to remove oil and buildup after a hard day’s work or play. Aloe Vera, Licorice Root & Rehmannia Chinensis help revive and restore hair.
Thoughts: He loves using this during the summer because of the fresh scent and it easily removes the gel build up in his hair! It suds nicely and a little goes a long way!

Rating: 4/5
About: Ultimate hydration and recovery for your hair — a visit to the spa with each squeeze. Pro-Vitamin B5, Citric Acid and Arginine do the extra work.
Thoughts: He started using this after pool days to help revive some moisture in his hair and protect against chlorine damage. It helps him style it easily and he did notice his hair was less “crunchy” after a day of swimming.

Rating: 5/5
About: Menthol and Aloe Vera join forces a refreshing formula made especially for men. Lauric Acid and Peach Leaf to help naturally moisturize, repair and protect skin.
Thoughts: We both love that it has a really refreshing scent without being too overpowering. It’s hard for him to use certain body washes with eczema, so something made with natural ingredients is perfect for him! It helps keep him fresh longer and mixes nicely with his cologne. A little goes a long way.



Rating: 5/5
Includes: Vitamin C Facial Cleanser, Balancing Facial Toner, Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Retinol 2.5% Serum, & Day/Night Moisturizer
About: These products work together to remove dirt, excess oil, and makeup without leaving your skin dry. Give you a balanced and more even complexion. Reduce the appearance of pores. Helps keep skin blemish free while diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Locks in moisture for all-day hydration
Thoughts: I am a skincare whore and always trying new face products. I am SO happy I found Yeouth Skin Care!! All of their products are made in the usa & fragrance-free which is a huge deal to me! (I will never understand why skin care companies continue to put fragrance in their products). I noticed a huge difference in my skin after a week of using the essential bundle and the breakouts I had were clearly quickly and without scaring!

TIP: When using products like Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol make sure to lather up on sunscreen and wear a hat! It makes your skin super sensitive and peeling/burning will happen if you have too much sun exposure.


Rating: 4/5
About: Our antioxidant-rich formula is enhanced with pure plant botanicals, essential oils and fatty acids to help improve elasticity, help support healthy collagen and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Enriched with:
Sage Oil: helps to promote healthy skin texture.
Lavender Oil: helps to soothe skin.
Marula Oil: rich in essential antioxidant and fatty acids to help improve elasticity and hydrate skin.
Organic Jojoba Oil: deeply moisturizing oil to help promote healthy nourished and softer skin.
Seabuckthorn Oil: contains antioxidants and vitamins that may help support healthy collagen.
Thoughts: I absolutely LOVE this oil! The only reason I gave it 4/5 is because it does say it is made with “natural fragrance oils” and I am a little weary on what those are. However, I haven’t had any reactions to the oil and it’s been doing an incredible job on rehydrating my skin. I use nightly after the shower and notice my skin is way less oily throughout the day!

TIP: If you have oily skin it’s because you are stripping away your natural oils in your skin care and your body is overproducing. The BEST way to combat oily skin is with facial oil!

Rating: 4/5
About: This clinically proven formula helps to improve the appearance of scars and encourage healthy skin. It may help improve the appearance and texture of sunburns, chemical burns, industrial burns, old scars, new scars, stretch marks as it moisturizes the skin. This refreshing, oil-free formula goes on clear and will not stain clothes.
Thoughts: My acne scars are pretty set in their ways so it’s hard for me to gauge how well this is working. I know when it comes to scars consistency is key and it’s a marathon not a sprint. However I do feel like it moisturizes my skin after the shower or a day in the sun. I use this about 2-3 times a week.



Rating: 5/5
About: This cooling, soothing gel helps calm skin and reduce redness with our exclusive blend of aloe vera, papaya extract and Hawaiian noni. The moisturizing formula is lightweight enough to use under your makeup.
Thoughts: OMG I am seriously OBSESSED!!! This is probably one of my most used products this summer. I use morning and night on my face, belly, and anywhere that got a little too much sun. The gel dries quickly and lightweight so it is easy to wear under makeup. It has played a HUGE part in helping me clear any acne. It gives your skin an ultra-hydrating and cooling boost which will not only help with oil production but also clear acne without leaving scars! I’ve been using on my belly after showers to prevent stretch marks. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product!

Rating: 5/5
About: Reveal softer, smoother lips with Hanalei Sugar Lip Scrub. This lush, tropical scrub gently buffs away dry, flaky skin with turbinado sugar crystals. A blend of Hawaiian kukui nut oil and shea butter soothes and softens, locking in moisture. Get smooth, supple lips year-round.
Thoughts: I really don’t understand why more people don’t incorporate lip scrubs into their weekly routine. ESPECIALLY during the summer time. I love this scrub because it gently exfoliates dead skin and tastes great! I use it on and around my lips as well as around the crease of my nose. You can use morning or night and it helps your lips stay hydrated (& uncracked) as well as helps your makeup go on so much smoother!


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Thank Me Later Face & Eyeshadow Primer
Rating: 5/5
About: It’s a smooth and lightweight cruelty-free makeup primer that goes on before your foundation to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines. At the same time, it’s working overtime to make sure your makeup doesn’t move an inch all day long. This primer has a formula that’s silky and instantly prevents shine, giving your face a matte finish. No shine, no glisten—just a more flawless you.
Thoughts: I absolutely LOVE this primer! It really helps my makeup stay matte all day and doesn’t rub off during the summer months. I love the smooth finish it gives and how a little goes a long way. It creates a solid yet lightweight base! The eyeshadow primer is PERFECT for the summer so you don’t spend all that time on a smokey eye and end up a few hours later with it down your face or smeared. I am super impressed with both of these and traded in my Tarte Poreless primer for these.

Color Is Bae Lipstick
Rating: 5/5
About: This full-coverage liquid lipstick is intensely pigmented for a polished look that’s on point. With a long-lasting formula that glides on smoothly and stays put, your lips are sealed with an ultra-matte finish.
Thoughts: I don’t really judge a lipstick until I’ve worn it for a few hours. Lately, it seems all the formulas I’ve tried (especially the Kylie Lip Kit) dry on your lips making them look super cracked. So I was curious to see how this formula would hold up. I didn’t have that problem once! I only needed to reapply after eating and even then my lips were still tinted just not as bold. My lips felt moisturized and the color complimented my skin tone! I HIGHLY recommend!

Best Eyebrow Gel
Rating: 5/5
About: This cruelty-free brow gel formula comes in five natural colors that provide a lasting definition. And it’s also great for filling in sparse hairs! Sculpt, groom and perfect your brows in just a few swipes! Did we also mention our formula prevents clumping and crumbling too?
Thoughts: I really love this gel! I first brush this tinted gel through my eyebrows to keep any loose hairs in place and then go through with powder to fill in any sparse areas. It’s also a sweatproof formula so you don’t have to worry about sweating off your brows! (which is something I legit worry about haha)

TIP: When filling in eyebrows, go in a downward motion to create hair-like strokes instead of filling in the eyebrows. It creates a more natural look and your eyebrows won’t look painted on.

COMPANY: Hanalei

Rating: 5/5
About: This long-wearing powder gives you that sun-kissed look, fresh from a day at the beach. Our unique formula applies smoothly, in a flattering color that looks good on everyone. Apply with a brush to define cheekbones and enhance your natural beauty.
Thoughts: I absolutely adore this bronzer! It blends super easy and really compliments my skin tone. It gives me a very natural glow without looking too over-contoured. It’s also made with a sweatproof formula so you don’t have to worry about it clumping or streaking throughout the day.

TIP: Use bronzer on your cheekbones (stopping inline with your pupils), the peak of your forehead, and under your chin for a contoured but natural look!


Lip Treatment
Rating: 5/5
About: Hanalei’s Sand Lip Treatment uses pure kukui oil, which is known to moisturize and rejuvenate dry lips. Agave and grape seed oil provide high levels of antioxidants that help soothe and protect lips from harmful radicals. Shea butter delivers intense moisture and silkiness to lips without leaving any residue. Our formula is also paraben and cruelty-free.
Thoughts: This is my go-to, everyday gloss! It is lightweight, has great color and coverage, AND hydrates your lips throughout the day. It never gets cakey or creases and feels great all day long!

COMPANY: IT Cosmetics

CC Cream Foundation
Rating: 2/5
Thoughts: I felt I had to include this on the list because it is one of the most recommended foundations and I have had nothing but bad experiences with it. The reason I gave it 2 out of 5 stars is that it does cover really well and spreads super easy. However, no matter how much setting powder or spray you put on in about an hour tops you already start to look SUPER greasy and the foundation starts to separate around your nose, mouth, and in any fine lines or scars. I have given this foundation so many chances but it is just not something I can recommend. I have more dry skin during the summertime and after an hour I look like I just ran 10 miles. I can’t imagine how this would look on someone with oily skin. I would pass this up and save your $40.


Amazonian Clay Full Coverage
Rating: 5/5
About: Flawless longwear (Tarte 12-hour power!). Matte finish & oil control. Cake-free & comfortable formula. Amazonian clay helps balance your complexion. Good for normal & combination skin
Thoughts: I have never loved a foundation more. I have been using this for at least 6 years and even after trying so many others, this will always be my number 1!! However, it is not for everyone. The reason I love it so much is because it has a solid foundation and it doesn’t separate or gets oily throughout the day. It is also SUPER high coverage and helps fill in pores/scars/and fine lines easily without getting creased in them. The reason I say it’s not for everyone is because it is super thick. It never feels cakey to me but if you are not used to a thick foundation or need so much coverage then I wouldn’t recommend this foundation.

Face Tape Foundation
Rating: 5/5
About: Hypoallergenic, long-wearing, full coverage with a natural matte finish. Transfer-proof, waterproof & sweatproof to keep you flawless through work & play. Snow mushroom extract, apple fruit extract & hyaluronic acid hydrate & brighten appearance
Thoughts: If you want a lighter foundation that still covers well then this is the foundation you have been looking for!!! It covers SO well (you don’t even need concealer underneath) and last all day long without getting greasy or separating. It feels lightweight and is a great summer foundation!

Company: e.l.f Cosmetics

16HR Camo Concealer
Rating: 5/5
About: e.l.f. Cosmetics most full-coverage, long-wear formula ever! Camouflage those pesky spots and under-eye circles with this high-coverage, crease resistant, 16-hour wear camo concealer. This creamy dreamy formula glides on to help conceal dark circles and blemishes and can also be used to highlight and contour the face.
Thoughts: I was gifted the 16hr concealer to try and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting to like it. BOY WAS I SURPRISED!!! This is by FAR my FAVORITE concealer ever and I was using Tarte Shape Tape before this. A little goes a LONG way, it’s only $5 and it covers FLAWLESSLY. I am still amazed by how high the quality of this concealer is for only $5. I have sensitive skin and I didn’t break out and am able to use daily. It stays put all day long and I don’t sweat it off. I think everyone needs to try it out.

TIP: Buy a few shades darker than you normally would especially if ordering online. The color I got was a little too white BUT when I put foundation over it, it blended flawlessly and you couldn’t tell at all that it was the wrong color for me.


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Puretanica Cool Bliss Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Rating: 5/5
About: Puretanica’s shampoo and conditioner are designed to work together, naturally hydrating and sealing in moisture. The shampoo has a more liquid consistency by design, as a high concentration of essential oils helps to both hydrate and lock in moisture. The conditioner is thicker and creamier than most, which helps to better seal in moisture after using our essential oil based shampoo.
Thoughts: I LOVE this shampoo and conditioner set! I was looking for shampoo on the ThinkDirty app that had a clean rating of 3 or under. Boy was I surprised to see the Puretanica Shampoo receive a 0 and the Conditioner a 2. That is seriously unheard of! It has a great peppermint scent and a little goes a long way. I am able to still go 2 days or so in between washes and my hair dries straighter, less frizzy, and has great volume! You can also use safely on colored hair!

Company: R + Co
Use code “KG3X” for $10 off your purchase of $50 or more!

Death Valley Dry Shampoo
Rating: 5/5
About: Liven it up with Death Valley, the quickest way to get volume and body into your hair. This dry shampoo absorbs extra oil and adds texture for an untamed look.
Thoughts: You guys know I live for dry shampoo. The longer I can go without washing my hair the better lmao. What I love about this dry shampoo is it doesn’t leave your hair white if you put too much on. It is easy to blend and really absorbs oils while leaving your hair smelling fresh and not like your 5 days in between washes #momlife

Crown Scalp Scrub
Rating: 5/5
About: This purifying and soothing scrub will detox, cleanse and re-balance your scalp. Excellent for sensitive or oily skin. Sensitive or oily scalps. Anyone looking for a clean, rebalanced scalp and shiny, healthy hair.
Thoughts: Massage a walnut-sized amount into the entire scalp. Start at the hairline and work backward; then, start at the nape and work upwards. Massage until you feel exfoliants dissolve. I’ve been dealing with dandruff during this pregnancy and this has really helped me get control and prevent it!

Vicious Strong Hold Hairspray
Rating: 5/5
About: Hold on tight with Vicious, the ultimate hair spray for a finished look. A seriously strong hold that you can brush through without cracking or flaking – and style and re-style all night-long.
Thoughts: my husband uses this more than I do because he likes styling his hair with a spray rather than gel. He loves how strong the hold is without making his hair look crunchy. It sprays evenly and has a great scent! He’s able to use it all day without having any pieces fall or needing to use gel as a backup.


Use code “MariahPD” for 15% off your purchase!

Rating: 5/5
Includes: Protect Body Defense Moisturizing Lotion with SPF30, Purify Body Clarifying Body Cleanser, & Glow Body Nourishing Dry Oil with Botanical Oils
About: The FRÉ BODY 3-step routine protects your skin before, during and after your workouts. Powered by our breakthrough Argania Active Complex ©, this specialized body solution prevents and treats acne, dark spots, sun damage, skin inflammation and the signs of aging all over your body, leaving you with clear and glowing skin.
Thoughts: I absolutely LOVE this body set! All of their products are free from all toxic chemical ingredients and the formulas are ultra-lightweight, and won’t clog your pores. I have had really bad body acne since being pregnant and this summer heat is NOT helping. I use the “Protect Body” every morning and especially if going to be out in the sun. The Nourishing oil has been fantastic on helping my body acne clear and stay away. I highly recommend this entire set!


Kukui Body Lotion
Rating: 5/5
About:Kukui nut oil has been an essential part of Hawaiian women’s beauty routines for hundreds of years. Derived from the kukui tree, it naturally restores and softens skin with essential nutrients. Our Kukui Body Lotion brings you the benefits of this native botanical, for glowing, moisturized skin.
Thoughts: FREAKING OBSESSED!! First off, I love that it’s in a squeezable tube which makes it so easy to get the right amount and not overuse! It makes my skin feel soft all day long and is made without fragrance or harsh chemicals which is something that is super important to me!

COMPANY: Sophi Nails by Piggy Paint

Rating: 5/5
About: This new and improved gel formula is acetone free, low odor, and eco-friendly. SOPHi Nail Polish Stripper stays in place on the nail for easy removal.On a protected surface, apply a drop of SOPHi Nail Polish Stripper to each fingernail and spread to edges of polish. Allow to soak on nail for 1 minute. Use SOPHi Remover Sticks or paper towel to remove nail polish.
Thoughts: I absolutely love this. The smell of nail polish remover and nail polish makes me so sick to my stomach that I don’t even bother. I either live with chipped nails or just don’t paint them. This has changed everything for it. It is easy to use, takes just a few minutes, and really is almost odorless! I feel so much better not inhaling toxic fumes just to have pretty nails.


COMPANY: Gryph & Ivy Rose


Rating: 5/5
About:  A gentle, herbal and fragrance-free bubble bath that leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed. PH balanced and irritant free, this product protects the skin and provides endless amount of bath time fun.
Thoughts: I LOVE this bubble bath!! It is fragrance-free so it doesn’t irritate your skin and makes for a great non-toxic bath! The bubbles make every bath relaxing and is a great way to wind down after a long day. I always get out with smooth skin and smelling fresh!

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