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BOOK REVIEW: The Temp by Michelle Frances

The Temp by Michelle Frances
Published: November 1, 2018
Publisher: Pan Macillan
464 Pages

You have a successful career, a loving husband and a baby on the way. No one can replace you, can they?

Carrie is a successful TV producer with the perfect husband and the perfect life. But when everyone discovers she is pregnant; everything threatens to fall apart. Emma, the temp, is everything she could wish for as her temporary replacement. She’s smart, willing and helpful. But as she charms her way into Carrie’s life, winning over her husband, Adrian, and her colleagues, Carrie suspects Emma is after more than just her

When I found this book on a list on Pinterest, I figured it would be like the countless other “thrillers” I have read, but I still added it to my list of books to read. I also read her book The Girlfriend, which wasn’t one of my favorites, but still good.

Yet, I LOVED this book. It had domestic drama, unease, and a twist I didn’t see coming!! I HIGHLY recommend! It will keep you entertained and guessing until the very last chapter.

Now I am off to reserve her new book coming out June 27, 2019…The Daughter!

Happy Reading,


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