Toy Box Monthly: The Perfect Gift For Kids Ages 4-9

My 7-year-old cousin has a birthday coming up and I was looking for a unique gift for her that she could enjoy for a lot longer than just a few days. Like most kids, she has the habit of playing with a toy for a few days or weeks and then it gets tossed aside and never touched again. 

I stumbled across Toy Box Monthly and it was like they knew my exact problem and had all the answers. 

At Toy Box Monthly you can choose between a boy or girl box which has 4 to 6 toys in each box. The toys are delivered monthly for girls or boys ages 4 to 9. It totally solves the problem of getting ONE gift they quickly outgrow. Instead, by the time they are done with their box, a new one is on the way full of fun new toys and activities. 

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For her birthday I opted for the 3-month prepaid plan so for the next 3 months the toys will get delivered straight to her door. What kid wouldn’t love that?!


The first box she received which I wrapped for her birthday, included 6 awesome toys totally in trend with what girls her age are loving right now. 

Toy Box Monthly

The Toy Box Monthly included:

  • Squeesh Yum Minis Collectible
  • Kitty Club Shopping Set with 1 Figurine, 1 Hat, 1 Bag, & 1 Mini Poster
  • Suprise Collectible My Little Pony & Card
  • Num Noms Scented Light Up Ring
  • Surprise Collectible Hatchimals Mini Clip On
  • Frozen Little Kingdom Rise & Shine Elsa set with a bed and changeable accessories

She loved everything but was SUPER excited about the Rise & Shine Elsa as well as the Hatchimals mini clip. I thought it was pretty cool that they added a few items in the box where kids can set out to collect them all. It creates a hobby for them and gives them something to look forward to if the next month will have another collectible item. 

Toy Box Monthly


Whenever I get subscription boxes, I love to always check the value and see if the monthly price really is worth the subscription. The month to month Toy Box is $25 with free shipping. 

I added up the price of all the items in the box and found BEFORE TAX and SHIPPING the total came out to $47.46. I then added California State Tax and shipping, and the grand total of the items, if you were to purchase them separately, was: $56.35 and that only included shipping of Amazon. It didn’t include if you purchased each item from the individual online stores, that total would be well over $70. 

Toy Box Monthly
  • Squeesh Yum Minis ($7 Walmart + Tax)
  • Collectible Kitty Club Shopping Set ($5 at Claire’s + Tax)
  • Surprise Collectable My Little Pony & Card ($8.99 + Tax + $4.99 Shipping on Amazon)
  • Num Noms Scented Light Up Ring ($8.99 at Party City + Tax)
  • Surprise Collectible Hatchimals Mini Clip-On ($6.99 on Amazon + Tax)
  • Frozen Little Kingdom Rise & Shine Elsa ($10.49 on Amazon + Tax)

I felt even better about my 3-month subscription because one box alone was almost the value of the entire 3 months! Plus when she received all the items, she knew exactly what they were and was super excited to have some of her own. 

Toy Box Monthly

All in all, I think Toy Box Monthly is a great investment for your little one. Some of the items in the box were clippable so for the older kids they could attach onto their backpacks and bring to school! I am excited to see what she gets in the next two months and can’t wait to hear about how much she loves them!

Make sure to follow Toy Box Monthly on Instagram @toyboxmonthly for giveaways, deals, and more! Also, if you subscribe, use #toyboxmonthly for a chance to be featured! 

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