10 SIGNS OF UNRESOLVED ANGER: and how to take control

“Whenever conferring with another- either face to face or across the miles – whether a human being, departed spirit, or sentient tree, always speak to the highest within them.”-Notes From The Universe (Mike Dooley)

One of the hardest hills to climb on your journey to your higher self is coming to terms with your actions and the emotions that cause them. Often we will find our bad habits or lack of emotional control is caused by painful memories that have been suppressed and buried throughout the years.

Unresolved anger bubbles out of you in ways you don’t even realize. After a while, it becomes apart of you. I am here to help you break that cycle and release the anger you have carried with you. We are going to clean out the old and make way for the happy.


  1. Anxiety
  2. Lashing out at people (QUICK FUSE)
  3. Road rage
  4. Being rude to customer service employees
  5. Chronic Irritability
  6. Sensitivity
  7. Lack of Patience
  8. Easily Offended/ Confrontational
  9. Pessimistic
  10. Substance Abuse


  • Exercise

    When you are feeling anxiety, then you need to capture that energy and work it out-literally. Anxiety causes adrenaline to rush through your body making you react to your emotions much more severe than need be. Next time you are feeling this way turn that energy into something productive. Go for a run, do yoga at home, take your dog for a walk, do 100 jumping jacks, go kickboxing, or try new fitness videos. Whatever it is, get your body moving and blood pumping. It will release endorphins into your system making you feel better, and your brain will start to think more clearly. Exercise is also a great way to redirect your anger into strength and push your body to new heights achieving fitness goals you never thought possible.

  • Apologize

    You will make a mistake and release your anger onto someone undeserving. If and when you make this mistake, all you have to do is APOLOGIZE. Humbling yourself and giving a sincere apology works the magic of the universe. Apologizing takes practice and was one of the hardest things for me to do at first. I hated apologizing because it brought light onto the way I acted which I was quickly ashamed of. So what you have to do is force yourself to apologize. If you don’t feel like you can take responsibility for the entire situation, then sincerely apologize for the way you acted

  • Practice Gratitude

    I understand it is hard when you are in pain to find something to be grateful for. You have to train your brain to start seeing the good in life, not the bad. Whenever you’re faced with a person, situation, or event in life that brings out old feelings of anger, then that is the perfect time to practice gratitude. Take a bathroom break, go to your car, basically find a quiet and private spot as soon as possible to give yourself a few moments of clear thinking. Once alone take a long deep breath and look for three things about the situation that you could feel gratitude for.

    • Examples:
      • Your car broke down on the side of the road because you never changed the oil.
        You could be grateful for the situation happening because you learned a valuable lesson about taking care of your car.
      • You get fired from your job.
        Feel gratitude for the universe releasing you from your current situation and opening the doors to new opportunities. Be grateful for the time off work to find a job you are passionate about. Be grateful for the lesson it taught you and use it at your next job to be the best employee you can.
      • Your boyfriend/girlfriend dumps you.
        Feel gratitude for the Universe removing someone that no longer serves you from your life. Find gratitude for the lesson the relationship taught you. And lastly, feel gratitude for the opportunity to date and experience new people.No matter what the situation is, there is always something you can be grateful for!


Self-growth is a long journey and not something that will happen overnight. But if you can be honest with yourself and put in the work needed, you really will become the person you always dreamed of being.

Who you were isn’t who you are or who you’re meant to be. You can change any time and take control of your emotions ultimately taking control of your life.

Thanks for reading,


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