Sept. 2nd, 2019- Day One

I was cleared last week to start yoga again and today was the first day I actually worked up the courage to start.

I haven’t stepped foot on a yoga mat since May 22nd, 2019. I struggled with modifying the poses while in my third trimester so when I had our baby I couldn’t wait to start again.

The last six weeks I have been pumping, feeding, pumping, repeat. Most of it requires sitting down. My body is sore and I am ready to reconnect with it.

I have to admit when I was waiting for my app to load, I started thinking of excuses. I’m too tired, she might wake up, maybe it’s not safe yet etc. But I decided to push those thoughts away and just START.

I am so glad I did. I started with a 15 minute beginner class on my Yoga Studio app. I have done this sequence a million times and thought it was a great sequence to help me jump back in.

As I started, I kept getting distracted. I was thinking about more work outs I wanted to do, wondering how I will keep up with yoga, and if I even want to get back into this.

But as I moved forward in my practice, I released those thoughts. I decided half way through that nothing else matters.

It doesn’t matter what my body looks or feels like. All that matters is that I’m moving and reconnecting with my body.

I decided then that I wanted to use this time to release it all. Release daily stresses. Release the negative thoughts I have about my body. Release my jaw and allow my body to relax.

Yoga isn’t just about exercising, but reconnecting with my body. If I have to modify poses while I heal, that’s okay but I’m going to give it my all and not cut any corners.

Once I decided this, I started listening to my body instead of my mind. I noticed where I was sore and where I needed to strengthen. Instead of focusing on what I look like on the outside, I was focusing on what I was feeling emotionally and physically.

At the end of the practice, I felt centered. My whole body felt loose for the first time in MONTHS. My breathing slowed down and my jaw wasn’t clenched.

I felt focused and ready to tackle the work ahead of me. Not only did it stimulate my body but my mind as well.

So I decided to log my progress in a diary form. Because to me yoga isn’t about physical change but about who you are on the mat and what you learn about yourself.

Thanks for reading my rambles and let’s see where this journey takes me. I have attached the sequence I did below if you would like to try it yourself.


  • Practice 5 times a week at least for 15 minutes
  • Get up to 30 minutes of practice by October 1st




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