April Literati Kids Book Subscription Review (Age: Under 2)

If you didn’t catch last month’s review, make sure to head over to here to read about our March Literati Kid’s Book Subscription Box review!

If you did catch it and are back for more, than welcome back!

Like I have said, book subscription boxes are my FAVORITE!! I think I am the minority here when I say I buy Addy more books than clothes. I am just obsessed and this is a habit that I really want her to pick up.

Reading has always been a passion of mine and although technology advances, I hope she gets to experience and grow to love the feeling of a book between your hands, the smell of the pages, and the opportunity to slow down and read word for word. Reading is truly the best thing you can do for your mind, body, and soul. I can’t express enough I hope it is a tool she turns to, to help her though the ups and downs of life, learn something new, or just an escape from reality.


Favorite Reading Quote l Literati Kids

Let’s dive in to April’s box!

As a reminder, every month you receive:

  • 5 age-appropriate books (great for kids 0-13 years+) hand-picked by experts and guaranteed to spark their curiosity, intellect, and spirit of discovery. Plus every month is a different theme!
  • A collectible art poster
  • Personalized stickers
  • and some fun surprises from puzzles to postcards!

You can sign up for your own subscription here and get 25% off your first subscription order!! Books are curated to the age of your child and great for kids 0-13 years old! So there is really something for everyone. This also makes a great tool for distant learning. It encourages reading and your kids have something new and fun to look forward to every month that is also education. WIN, WIN!


Literati Kids Book Box April

All 5 books are perfectly catered to Addy’s age! Spoiler Alert: we did not return any of the books and kept them all! I think this will be a theme moving forward because even if we got a duplicate of one we already have I can put it in the gift closet and save for my nieces or the next baby shower we go to!

Everything Goes: 1,2,3 A Counting Book: PERFECT for Car week! Yes, I do themes every week that are educational and fun! One of them is car week where we play with all kinds of cars and trucks and talk about colors, movement, and more! So this will be a staple during this week and will be such a fun tool for counting!

8 Little Planets: This book is great for sensory, teaching colors & shapes, and of course planets! I love books that will grow with her and this is for sure one of them! Right now it is fun seeing the colors and a picture in a picture, but later on it will be such a fun tool to start learning about planets with!

Jane & Me: Chimpanzees: This book is SO fun!! I have been teaching her animal noises so she LOVES when we get to read this book and make chimpanzee noises! For sure not a bedtime book because it gets us riled up and lots and lots of laughs! It has flaps for her to open and so much great information on Chimpanzees. This is a book she can use for YEARS and part of our at-home learning.

Follow That T.Rex! We are dinosaur OBSESSED over here but even more obsessed with flap, interactive books. I knew as soon as I saw it, this would be her favorite book yet. Each page has a felt flap (great for sensory too) that you pull down to reveal the rest of the story. It is full of colors and she loves the interaction of it! It is great for Dinosaur week and going to be a staple in our home!

Sweet Dreams Little OneI am so obsessed with this book! We have started a new nighttime routine with Addy and a big part of that was removing TV form our wind down time. I felt like before reading before bed wasn’t holding her interest and instead she would squirm to get on the move. But now that we got a rocking chair we rock her back and forth reading our favorite books. I am excited to add a book specific for Bedtime into the mix!

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