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It makes me crazy that in 2021 with all the information, research, and studies done, that people are still drinking these crazy energy drinks full of harmful ingredients. Not all energy drinks are created equal. Most have several artificial ingredients, including synthetic caffeine. Add in large amounts of sugar and you have a drink that while giving you a boost of energy, will also give you that jittery feeling and leave you with an unpleasant crash and possible health side effects.

Help your friends and family out this holiday season by giving them a gift that will break this nasty habit. An energy drink that taste good and is good for you.

Did you know most of the popular energy drinks are not regulated by the USA Food and Drug Administration? This means they do not have to list the caffeine amount in the drink and can claim it as their secret “proprietary blend.”

A typical 16-ounce popular energy drink contains between 150 to 280 milligrams of caffeine; larger cans have up to 500 milligrams of caffeine. But the FDA suggests having approximately 400mg of caffeine per day. That is SO scary what ONE drink can do to you, not even including the amount you will get from your morning cup of coffee and from any teas or sodas you drink throughout the day.

Too much caffeine can lead to Increased heart rate, Anxiety, High blood pressure, Heart palpitations and more serious health complications. As a parent we live on caffeine and that’s why I decided to choose better for my family and give Chad the gift of healthy energy: @aspiredrinks


ASPIRE is great tasting, lightly sparkling healthy energy with no calories, no sugar, natural caffeine from premium green tea and essential vitamins for sustained energy and focus with no jitters. Their caffeine count of 80mg is listed clearly on each can. This is the same amount as one cup of coffee (not 5 cups like other popular energy drinks.)It starts with good-for-you, natural plant-based ingredients.

ASPIRE sources the highest quality ingredients from the best suppliers to give you healthy sustained energy and focus.ASPIRE uses all natural, slow-releasing caffeine from ultra-premium green tea and guarana seed extract. Slow-releasing means there’s no jittery feeling, just a sustained lift that keeps you going and focused.

Studies on green tea have shown:

It aids in lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.
It helps stimulate metabolism and helps burn calories and fat.
It may reduce the risks of certain types of cancer.

* ECGC is the polyphenol in green tea responsible for so many of its health benefits and you can find it present in ASPIRE drinks.

While studies on Guarana Seed Extract have shown:

  • Plant-based source of natural, slow-releasing caffeine.
  • Helps sustain energy and endurance.
  • Stimulates metabolism helping to burn calories.

ASPIRE is not only made with Green Tea and Guarana Seed Extra but as well as essential B & C vitamins.

Aspire Drinks


The good news is that once your friend gets hooked on ASPIRE drinks and ditches the toxins in their old energy drink, they can readily find it! ASPIRE is available in most retailers, Sam’s Club, Amazon, or you can order on their website!

This is the perfect gift this holiday season for everyone on your shopping list. Buy them a case each or split the case between your loved ones and use as the perfect stocking stuffer or gift basket! ASPIRE drinks cater to everyone as they are vegan, gluten free, kosher, soy free, and keto-friendly!

Aspire Drinks
Aspire Drinks

Give the gift of healthy choices this holiday season and shop here.