Aesthetic Buzz Lightyear Party For Little Girls


My niece is the spunkiest little girl you will ever meet. She is also Buzz Lightyear’s #1 fan. So for her 4th Birthday my sister-in-law decided to throw a Buzz Lightyear party. Although we wanted to keep the party true to her, our aesthetic hearts were dying just a little.

We took to Pinterest and Instagram searching for ideas on how to make Buzz Lightyear aesthetically pleasing and not blasting trademark Disney props & décor all over the place. Since there wasn’t too much inspo to go off of, we had to get creative.

I have to say this is probably my favorite party we have thrown to date. And I thought Addy’s Moana party was going to be hard to top!

Although we threw together a pretty Pinterest worthy party, none of this would have been possible without our vendors!


My favorite part of any party is the dessert table. It is SO hard to not go overboard!! But this party we had a surprise so we kept the desserts minimal. I’m not sure if you can even call them minimal because they are soo beautiful!!! (And everything tasted as good as it looked!!)

Buzz Lightyear Cookies Made by @Sugarshida

Buzz Lightyear Space Cake by @Bree_Bakes

And then our surprise for everyone was having The Wicked Waffle set up a pop up booth! OMGGGG THEY ARE SO AMAZING!!!!! They created two waffles on theme that were so OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

Waffle Made by @officialwickedwaffle

It’s safe to say we loaded everyone up full of sugar and sent them home for their parents to deal with haha. Honestly I would be lying if I didn’t admit we were on a little bit of a sugar high too. But how could you not when desserts look and taste this good?!!


I am still drooling over this party. Who would have thought we could make a Buzz Lightyear party THIS cute?!! I am going to link where we got everything below and then include pictures below it. Be prepared for some major party envy.

Backdrop: @poseysplace
Balloons: @lushra
Tables & Chairs: @cosco_products
Linens & Chair Bands: @cvlinens
Stars & Confetti: @shindigz
Drink Canister: @pompom_partyshop
Cups & Napkins: @orientaltrading
Wooden Rockets: @shindigz

Drink Canister: @pompom_partyshop

Stars & Confetti: @shindigz

Wooden Rockets: @shindigz

Balloons: @lushra Backdrop: @poseysplace

Linens & Chair Bands: @cvlinens


I know I have said this about everything, but one of my favorite detail was the party favor boxes made by @carolinas_flowers_creations_! OMG! I have never seen something so unique!!!! It’s a treat in itself getting this adorable rocket. Then we filled them with Toy Story coloring packs from Oriental Trading, Star Hair Clips from @everiyla, and some other fun Toy Story party favors we found on Amazon.

Party Favor Box made by @carolinas_flowers_creations_

Made by @everiyla

This party truly came out even more beautiful than we could have ever imagined!!!! What was your favorite detail?!