Founders Brewing Co. The Best IPA on the market!

Finding the perfect beer is a lifelong mission for so many beer lovers out there, and with countless options on store shelves, it can be hard to know what to choose. Founders Brewing Co. has made the search a whole lot easier. With a beer to suit every taste and preference, Founders Brewing Co. is a brewery dedicated to producing high quality beers in an environmentally and socially conscious way. 

What really sets Founders apart is their commitment to sustainability. Brewed in Grand Rapids, Michigan, all of their beer is brewed with water from the Great Lakes. They have partnered with Freshwater Future to protect the Great Lakes and help to support greater access to clean and safe water for all. They go even further in their sustainability efforts by purposing to reduce their carbon footprint, purchasing from local sources, and reducing or diverting their food waste. 

Founders Brewing Co. Ipa and beer options

From their Raspberry Ale, to their Solid Gold Lager, to their Breakfast Stout, Founders caters to beer lovers everywhere. They have an array of year round offerings as well as unique seasonal and limited time brews. Because working with and promoting local businesses is a priority of theirs, they have a collaboration series of beers where they team up with local companies to produce specialized beer flavors. With so many choices, there is literally a beer for everyone! 

If you’re an IPA drinker, Founders has several different ones to choose from– and you are definitely missing out if you haven’t tried the All Day IPA. Founders actually helped popularize the session IPA when they began producing their All Day IPA. It has truly become a fan favorite because it retains the full body and flavor of a perfectly balanced IPA while scaling back on the alcohol content to make it drinkable “all day”. 

Founders Brewing Co. is a company that is not only dedicated to diversifying their supply chain, but also being intentional about increasing ethnic diversity in their hiring and team growth. They aim to make every aspect of the company reflective of that incredible goal. 

When you drink a refreshing beer from Founders Brewing Co., you can feel good about not only drinking a high quality beer sourced from the best water and top tier ingredients, but you can be proud to support a company that values sustainability and inclusivity in all aspects of their business. Check them out here and find them in stores nationwide!