Spooky Stories To Get You In The Halloween Spirit

Even as I get older, I have to admit I still LOVE Halloween. I may not be out trick-or-treating, or at a bar in a bunny costume, but I am at home with my bowl of candy, hubby, and stack of scary movies.

Growing up my friends and I would spend the whole month of October watching thrillers and reading spooky ghost tales. We would get so scared we couldn’t sleep and would just end up reading more stories online till the sun came up.

Now, this isn’t my usual style of writing and is a little graphic, BUT I wanted to pass down a few of the SPOOKIEST Ghost Stories I’ve heard to help get you in the spirit of Halloween! Some are those of urban legends while others have a haunting truth to them.

CAUTION: I wouldn’t read these home alone or in a dark room… read at your own risk…


An elderly woman lived alone with her and her dog. Her dog was her best friend and loved to sleep right under her side of the bed.

Every night before the woman would fall asleep she would put her hand down, and her dog would lick it comfortingly.

One night the woman woke up in the middle of the night and heard a faucet dripping. Too scared of the dark to get up and check it out, she instead reached her hand down and felt the licks of her dog.

Promising she would check for a leak in the morning, she quickly went back to sleep.

When she woke up in the morning, she groggily walked to the bathroom to check for the leak.

Instead, she found her precious dog skinned and hanging from the shower curtain, intestines everywhere.

There was no leak; it was the blood dripping on the floor.

Horrified she turned around and saw written in blood on the mirror “Men can lick like dogs, too”.


On October 31st, 1969 a group of four best friends were having a Halloween sleepover. After a night full of candy and laughter, they couldn’t seem to get tired enough to sleep. One of the girls Abigail heard of a ritual that would show them who their future husband is.

Abigail said the girls were to light a candle and go into the dark bathroom. After the door was shut and only the dimly lit candle, lighting the room, Abigail said they had to chant “Bloody Mary” three times, and she will show them their future husband.

The girls giggled and then started to chant…

Bloody Mary…

Bloody Mary…..

Bloody Mary……

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But nothing happened. But suddenly as the girls started to leave there were a high pitched scream and a woman with long, ratty black hair covered in the blood appeared in the mirror.

Before the girls could leave the room, the candle blew out, and four blood-curdling screams were heard.

Waking the parents they rushed into the bathroom, but they were gone. Leaving behind a bloody scene and a name written in blood on the mirror, “Mary.”


At a local campus, midterms were approaching so two roommates/best friends decided they would spend the night studying.

One of the girls named Jessica quickly grew bored of the cram session and decided to check out a party she was invited to earlier that day.

However, her best friend Rebecca wasn’t having it and wanted to stay to study. Reluctantly Jessica left her roommate behind and headed off to the party.

After a night of fun, Jessica came back to her dorm. Not wanting to wake Rebecca, she slipped into bed without turning on the lights.

The next morning Jessica woke up early to cram a little more for the midterms. Seeing Rebecca was in bed, before turning on the light, she went over to wake her up. Realizing she wasn’t responding she jumped up and turned on the lights.

Suddenly she is greeted by a grizzly scene. Rebecca is dead, covered in blood, along with the rest of the room.

Jessica tries to run out of the room but sees on the back of the door, a message just for her.

Written in Rebecca’s blood, “Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the lights?”


Monica was so excited because the hottest boy in school, Jacob finally asked her out on a date! As soon as she got home, she rushed to her mom and dad BEGGING to let her go.

However, that afternoon the new station warned of an escaped murderous mental patient lose from a nearby insane asylum. They warned he had a hook for a hand and he was very dangerous.

Not wanting their daughter to be out while a killer was on the loose they said she couldn’t go.

But Monica wasn’t taking it and decided to sneak out that night once her parents went to bed.

Jacob picked up Monica and drove them to a lookout point in the nearby mountains.

As Jacob and Monica were making out, she heard a screeching sound outside her door. Jacob said it was just a tree and she was paranoid.

As they continuous on the noise got louder until it was unmistakably something scratching the glass on the window.

In terror, they saw a man covered in blood outside their car. Using a hook to scratch the glass.

Locking the doors and thinking quickly, Jacob reversed as fast as he could and was able to speed away. Once they were safe in town, they pulled in a nearby gas station and saw a hooked hand hanging from Monica’s door handle.

Okay I am done creeping you all out. Now I won’t be able to sleep tonight or trust anyone in a mask…

I hope you all have a safe and spooky Halloween!

Thanks for reading,