Halloween Goul Bags


It’s so hard to believe that Halloween is almost here! We all know that means a whole lot of pumpkin spice lattes, Hocus Pocus, and all the pumpkin patch photo shoots. It also means candy, candy, and more candy. It feels almost impossible to avoid. Every year, it’s my goal to find new and fun alternatives to the endless supply of sweets that seems to be ever present this time of year.

This year I’ve compiled a list of goodies that aren’t just unhealthy treats filled with sugar, artificial flavor, food dyes, and all of the other additives and ingredients that harm our bodies. When we consume all of that junk, or let our kids eat it, we are filling our bodies with toxins that kill the good bacteria in our gut, weaken our immune systems, disrupt our hormones, disrupt our concentration, and disrupt our sleep patterns. For our kids, all of this can lead to tantrums, mood disorders, poor grades, and increased bouts of sickness. The consequences of eating all of those sweet treats are absolutely not worth it. It’s not fair to put our kids through all of that and, let’s be honest, put ourselves through it!

Believe it or not, you can actually find cost effective alternatives while browsing Amazon, Target, or even your local dollar store. The healthier option doesn’t always have to be the more expensive one! If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could even go so far as to eliminate food-based treats altogether and provide small toys and other goodies for your kids, friends, and your neighborhood.

Here are some great options that you can feel good about giving out:


Healthy snacks such as Smart Sweets Candy, PeaTos Crunchy Rings, Brave Good Kind Chicken Bites, and Tidbits Fun Bites are great alternatives to the typical Halloween treats that our kids are subject to this time of year.

For some fun non-food goodies, temporary tattoos, Halloween themed party favor toys, slap bracelets, and mini fidget toys are perfect additions to a kid-friendly, junk-free goody bag.

With all of these great options, there really is no reason to feel resigned to buying and giving out the typical Halloween candy. You can feel empowered to provide great and fun alternatives to your kids and the kids in your neighborhood, by eliminating the toxic treats that their little bodies really just don’t need. Happy goody bag prepping and Happy Halloween!

Halloween Goul Bags