DISCLAIMER: What works for me may not be the perfect fit for you. As moms we all have different parenting techniques, styles, and values. I am not here to say “my way works best” or to push any practices you don’t want to use. There is SO much mixed information out there, you have to do what’s best for YOU. I am sharing my side & what we do for those interested in sound machines & may have some questions.

When we first got pregnant I thought once the baby is here you would have to keep everything dead silent and tiptoe around the house. But the further I got along, the more people started telling me to let the baby sleep in a loud environment.

Keep the TV on loud, talk while holding the sleeping baby, and get a sound machine.

It made no sense to me, wouldn’t that wake her up?!

But the more research I did on it, the more I was convinced.

Babies sleep, live, and grow for 9 months in your uterus which is a very noisy place. Not only do they have the “background noise” of your daily life (you talking, watching tv, listening to music etc) but they have the never-ending sound of your blood pumping, stomach digesting, and heart beating. Seriously, the uterus is a very noisy place for a baby!

So when your baby is born and you take away all the noise, it is a huge culture shock!! They become fussy and scared by their new environment. What happened to all the noise and why is everything eerily quiet now?

All the advice of keeping things loud started making sense.

Also, when you change their environment and keep them in a very quiet place, some research suggest that it changes their sleeping habits long-term and makes them very light sleepers. That as they get older and become toddlers, if any noise is made, they will wake up.

Honestly makes sense to me!

My mom always kept me in loud environments and to this day I could sleep through ANYTHING. Seriously, fireworks could be going off in my bedroom and I wouldn’t wake up.


DISCLAIMER: There is a lot of mixed information out there about negative and positive sleeping habits. Like I mentioned above, do what’s best for YOU. What works for me may not be what works for you and vise versa. However, if the worst thing in life is that my daughter needs a sound machine to fall asleep until she’s 32, then I think she’ll be just fine.

  • Creates a familiar environment
  • Helps baby sleep longer by soothing back to sleep when waking up in middle of the night
  • Calming technique
  • Creates positive sleeping habits
  • Helps block out household noises
  • Offers alternate soothing techniques than crying it out

In my opinion, it is a wonderful tool to help transition from womb to bedroom. It also creates positive sleeping habits by helping baby fall back asleep during their many waking’s during the night.


I read a lot of great reviews on the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine and added it to our registry. I was SO excited when we received it at our baby shower.

Picking Daisies Blog X Hatch Baby Rest

The Hatch Baby Rest comes with complete app control. It has multiple sound options and nightlight colors to choose from. You can also set up the “time to rise” feature that allows you to schedule a wake up alarm with a calming sound. It helps your baby or toddler wake up in a positive manner and start their day on the right foot. (You should seriously read about starting your baby’s day in a calming, and positive manner. It sets the tone for the rest of the day and makes a HUGE difference during the ‘terrible twos’)

Picking Daisies Blog X Hatch Baby Rest

I already thought the Hatch Baby Rest was AMAZING and then I was lucky enough to be gifted the Hatch Baby Rest+ and I LOVE the upgrades.

DISCLAIMER: I was gifted the Hatch Baby Rest+ in exchange for an Instagram post only. I was not contracted to write a blog post but I truly love and USE the Hatch Baby Rest+ DAILY and decided to write a blog as my own content and not in exchange for product or compensation. 

The Rest+ comes with Alexa compatibility which I am OBSESSED with! The app is amazing but sometimes I just don’t have a free hand when I am rocking a fussy baby. I like being able to ask Alexa to turn the sound machine on to our last setting.

Rest+ also has the time on the front which is SUPER helpful when she starts fussing and I have to decide to get her up or let her fall back asleep. Instead of getting my phone (which then makes it hard for me to fall asleep) I can just peak at the sound machine to see the time.

Picking Daisies Blog X Hatch Baby Rest


I hooked up all baby monitor cameras in our room not thinking the first year of her life she will be sleeping in our room. So when I put her down to bed at 9-9:30 and I’m not ready to go to bed, I’m always stressing if she’s crying or not. I love being able to have the two-way monitor to be able to listen in from the living room and talk to her if she is crying. It is such a genius feature.

Honestly, Hatch Baby Rest and Rest+ is worth every penny and then some. I would pay at least $150 for the Rest+ so I feel like the price of $89.99 is more than fair. The app feature is incredible, it is Alexa compatible, cordless, and has the two-way audio. It really is a great tool for parents and something we will be using for many years.

I highly suggest if you are in the market for a sound machine (and in my opinion they are total lifesavers) then to give Hatch Baby a chance. I can promise you won’t be disappointed and might make a difference in the sleep department.

Thanks for reading and above all else, you are doing amazing mama.



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