Content Creator Guide To The Holidays

The holidays are here and that means it is officially Q4- the most profitable quarter for content creators. 

The holidays are a great time to monetize your social media platforms and can be extremely profitable if done the right way!

Having a content plan is CRUCIAL for maximum profits and engagements. Your followers don’t want to see another generic gift guide. Stand out this holiday season with unique sponsored and organic content. 

This post is a guide to content creators of all sizes on how to tackle the holidays. We will chat about when you should start pitching your holiday content to brands, content ideas, and so much more. And don’t forget that we offer custom holiday pitches! You can DM @pickingdaisiesblog or shoot an email to [email protected] to order yours today!

Let’s get started!


September is a great time to really look at the upcoming months and start planning your content. This allows you to find creative ways to maximize every opportunity for sponsored content without making it look like sponsored content. 

We want to get away from jumping right into an ad and posed pictures with the product. A 2019 study found that the #1 reason people follow the influencers they do and engage on their content is because they trust them. They said that constant ads with no background context and posed product pictures made them feel that the influencer was only posting the product because they were paid too. Your followers are more likely to purchase the brands you recommend when you create context around the ad and share things you love and dislike. The more they feel that they can trust you, the more orders they will make using your codes/affiliate links. 

Content Creator Guide To The Holidays

So where to begin?! What kind of content should you create?!

First sit down and look at what happens during the next few months:
October- Halloween
November- Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday
December- Christmas and other holidays
January- New Years

These are all opportunities to maximize sponsored content that reads like it’s organic.

Do you travel during the holidays?
You can start pitching hotels, activities, and restaurants to help advertise their specials and events! 

Pitch a suitcase company and share what you pack when you travel during the holidays.

Do you travel with kids? Create content (Reels, Blogs, etc) on tips for traveling with kids. Are you mentioning any products you use? Then reach out to that brand and let them know the content you want to create and how they would fit in perfectly. You might get a sponsored post or an affiliate link where you can make commission off the sale!

Or are you a fashion/beauty content creator and regularly share deals and looks? Then find boutiques and brands that have holiday outfits/beauty products that you would use! Share your Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas outfit ideas for every occasion this holiday season. Either reach out to those brands for sponsored content or utilize LTK for affiliate links!

Planning content for the holiday season starts with looking at what kind of content your followers come to expect from you + what you do yourself during the holidays. Reach out to those brands you would share organically ahead of time and pitch them your idea!

In the next section we are going to dive into more detail regarding sponsored content. 


Brands plan their holiday budget months in advance so it is never too early to pitch brands your holiday content ideas. You don’t want to wait until the last minute when they have already used up their budget or when there’s not enough time for holiday shipping. Typically my PR clients and I will start pitching holiday content around the 2nd week of September clear up to Christmas. When you start pitching brands you want to be specific on the content you are offering and ways their brand can fit into your content. 

Don’t forget that we offer custom holiday pitches! You can DM @pickingdaisiesblog or shoot an email to [email protected] to order yours today!

Here are ideas to jumpstart your holiday content:


  • 5 Ways To Wrap Presents (pitch gift wrapping brands or use it as a way to highlight a product and wrap it. You can focus on the wrapping part and then share more detail of the product in your caption + stories)
  • Christmas Cards (pitch card printing brands)
  • Makeup Ideas for Halloween (pitch beauty brands or make up remover brands or face cleanser brushes) 
  • Holiday Outfit Ideas (pitch clothing/jewelry/shoe companies)
  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday (pitch brands to share about their sales on your stories + feed post)
  • Holiday Gift Guides (you can do a brand exclusive gift guide that is sponsored and you share various products for people on your shopping list) or you can do a holiday gift guide mention where for a small sponsored amount, you will include them on a relevant gift guide.
  • You want to get creative with gift guides, everyone does “Gifts for Mom, Dad ETC”.
    • Gifts for Mom under $20
    • Stocking Stuffers for Tech Obsessed Kids
    • Gift Guide for the Grilling Dad 
  • Monetize your traditions. Wear matching PJS every year? Pitch that brand. Advent Calendars, Skin Prep for Holidays, Botox before Thanksgiving Dinner to hide your RBF, and so on!
  • Halloween/Christmas Cookie Decorating 
  • Traveling with Kids
  • What to Bring When Flying with Kids
  • Best places to shop to cross off everyone on your list
  • Self-care during the holidays
  • Movie Nights 
  • Thanksgiving Gratitude Giveaways (partner with brands for giveaways to your followers!)

This is the time to get creative and have fun while monetizing your content!

Content Creator Guide To The Holidays

Don’t forget that we offer custom holiday pitches! You can DM @pickingdaisiesblog or shoot an email to [email protected] to order yours today!