How Honeylove Shapewear Gave Me My Confidence Back

The last year and a half has been a struggle for me. I feel like I’m in someone elses body & getting dressed is a literal nightmare. I’m not used to the way clothes fit with the weight I’ve gained from pregnancy and the constant stomach swelling thanks to Ulcerative Colitis.

I keep finding myself in sweats, maternity clothes, or XXL flowy dresses. Not loving any of it. My self-esteem when it comes to my weight has plummeted. I have researched liposuction, fat transfers, fad diets, basically anything that will give me a flat belly FAST.

After spending hours researching the astronomical cost of surgeries, risks, and if my current health will even allow it- I felt defeated. And that’s when I found Honeylove. I literally couldn’t order fast enough and tried it on right there in our doorway the second it arrived. OMGGGG instant confidence booster.

Honeylove is designed for you to feel sexy and unstoppable. And boy do they deliver. I ordered the SuperPower Short in XL and it fit perfect. I am currently 5’6 and 170lb. It was comfortable & breathable while holding everything in one spot. Sculptwear’s targeted compression works using panels of varying compression to shape where you want shaping and release everywhere else.

The true test was when we went out to dinner. I wanted to see if it was something I could wear long-term and at meals. I can honestly say I didn’t even notice it on and after going into a food coma, I didn’t feel restricted or that I couldn’t breath. Instead I felt CONFIDENT!!! No food baby in sight.

What really stood out to me was how everything stays in one place. The high-waist fit comfortably under my bra so I didn’t have a weird roll at the top of the band. I also wasn’t messing with it all night. It stays up, in one place, and nothing rolls down.

Honeylove has so many different options available and cater to most body types and sizes. Depending on what areas you are wanting to target, Honeylove has an option for you. While I struggle finding my peace, place, and self-love in this new body, I am grateful for Honeylove. I feel like I now have a solution every time I get dressed and a way for me to feel myself again. I am not obsessively pulling up my pants over my hips or wearing oversize shirts to cover everything. I am confidently wearing my Honeylove under clothes I WANT TO WEAR and feeling sexy, bold, and confident.

Make sure to check out my reel on Instagram to see my before and after- it will blow your mind!