3 Things To Do Before Trying To Conceive

Last week a new follower reached out that to me and told me they found me on the front page of Google when searching for information on MTHFR & Pregnancy! It was such a blogger WIN! FRONT PAGE OF GOOGLE BABY!!!

But she shared with me how she found out she had MTHFR and was trying for a successful pregnancy. Getting and staying pregnant isn’t black and white. Most don’t do the deed and get pregnant the first time and live happily ever. Infertility and miscarriages are becoming more and more common.

As my friends and followers start settling down and get ready to try to conceive, they come to me with a million questions. I mean who better to ask than someone who has been pregnant 10 times and lost 9 babies. I have a ton of information under my belt. So I am sharing with you the three things I recommend doing before you try to conceive- even if you have never had a miscarriage.

#1 Start Tracking Your Ovulation

Before partnering with Mira Fertility, they were a huge part of my life. I wanted an accurate picture of my fertility for optimal success. I didn’t leave it up to a random app that predicted my window. I wanted clear proof through tracking my hormones. Mira Fertility and Ovulation Tracker is an easy to use smart health tracking platform that provides you accurate and personalized ovulation analysis by tracking your Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Estrogen levels.

Mira Fertility and Ovulation Tracker

Mira Fertility and Ovulation Tracker was the only product I used that was accurate. I was also able to keep track in the app so I could share with my doctor. When I would get pregnant I was able to log it, as well as when I lost it. It was an easy place to keep real-time data in one place for my doctor. I liked it 100x more than the bracelets because it is actually testing your urine which gives an accurate representation of your hormones. And unlike the test strips you buy at the store that turn purple if fertile, the Mira App’s advanced algorithm will provide highly accurate and personalized information about your fertility window.

I also wanted to note, it particularly benefits those who are trying to conceive but is also helpful for those who are trying to avoid pregnancy. Mira combines the accuracy of lab tests with the convenience of testing at home and it’s especially useful for people with variable cycles, hormonal imbalances or PCOS because the device gives actual LH and E3g concentration.

Mira Fertility & Ovulation Tracker

#2 Request a Habitual Aborter Blood Panel

I get so frustrated hearing so many women experience what I did. That after multiple miscarriages their doctors still won’t order the Habitual Aborter Blood Panel. There is literally no reason not to! It is a simple blood test that will answer SOOOO many questions. I often wonder what my life would look like if I would have had this blood test done after my first miscarriage. I would have found out immediately that I have MTHFR & Factor V Leiden and probably saved a lot of heartbreak. Fight for it. There is absolutely no reason to “see what happens” or because you have no history of miscarriage, deny you a basic right to your health.

This blood panel test for almost every single factor that could cause a miscarriage. It is a quick turnaround and offers incredible insight into your health. If you find out you have a disorder or genetic mutation, you can then plan accordingly and truly prepare for your TTC journey. I pray no woman has to feel the pain of losing their baby. Fight for your health and demand the blood work.

#3 Get On A High Quality, Folic Acid Free Prenatal

Okay you probably think I’m crazy. Folic Acid free?! My baby NEEDS that to grow!!! Really? Your baby needs an overdose of a man-made supplement for them to develop? No, your baby needs the natural form of folic acid: Folate & L-methlyfolate. This is the pure form of folate. You can find it in leafy greens mostly but there are amazing vitamins out there like all by Seeking Health & Smarty Pants that offer L-methlyfolate. Plus, back in the 90’s the government decided to fortify almost all our food with our DAILY SERVING of folic acid because they felt pregnant women weren’t taking their vitamins so they offered it in food. Say you eat a bowl of pasta with 3 servings in it. That is receiving 3x your daily value of folic acid. Now if you have MTHFR you are already flooding your body with something it can’t handle. Mix that with a prenatal that ALSO contains your daily value of folic acid, you are now consuming 4x your daily value from one meal and one vitamin.

That is not including anything else you ate that day that is fortified with folic acid. Flour, bread, rice, pasta, and so much more. Your body and baby needs L-methlyfolate not Folic Acid. Take the time to do the research and make the decision for yourself.
***I am not a medical professional so PLEASE take the information, concerns, and questions to your doctor and make the decision that works best for you and your body.

I hope this helps. There is a ton more you can do when TTC but try not to stress. Get healthy, know your body, track your ovulation, and HAVE FUN! Don’t make sex just about baby making. Let yourself enjoy the process and your partner.

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