Modern Twist on Toddler Girl Montessori Classroom

The school year is already in full swing and I have had so much fun designing Addy’s homeschool room! We’ve opted to embrace the Montessori Method of schooling which allows for Addy to really explore her passions and interests. It’s really important to me for Addy to have a space that is entirely catered to her and encourages her to learn independently by playing and interacting with the activities and toys in her space. That loose structure is what I love about Montessori while it fosters independence, confidence, and truly allows her to grow in the way she needs. 

Now that her room is completed, I wanted to *finally* give you a tour!

One of the first things you will probably notice is her gorgeous chandelier! I found it online at Varaluz and knew immediately that it was perfect for her space. It brings a touch of elegance to her room while still being playful and totally appropriate for the purpose of the room. This particular one is out of stock, but do yourself a favor and check out Varaluz! They have lighting fixtures for every room, in every type of style, and at an array of price points.

An important component of Montessori teaching is encouraging a love of reading and providing an appropriate space that makes reading accessible. It wasn’t hard for me to find the perfect way to do just that! Appropriately named The Tent of Dreams, this adorable tent provides the perfect little nook for Addy to fall in love with reading. I paired the tent with the matching cushion to make the space irresistibly comfortable for her so that she will want to spend as much time reading in there as possible!

The pink chair that I incorporated into the design is another spot for her to read and learn. I have a similar one linked here. The pink velvet is so cozy and inviting, and is truly fit for a princess like Addy herself!


Buy Magic Carpet Washable Rug Playroom Girl's Room

As for her rug, I opted for a washable area rug from My Magic Carpet. What on earth did we do before washable rugs?! I chose a gorgeous rug with a simple damask pattern and soothing colors. The rug brings a sense of calm to the space while still being absolutely beautiful. To bring some warmth and texture into the space, I picked out these soft and sheer pink curtains. They are a subtle shade of pink and have this dotted pom pom detail that is so feminine and cute. 


I absolutely had to incorporate the Design Dua Doll Bassinet into her room. Design Dua has gorgeous, artisanal bassinets as well as several other products that only enhance the design of a space. There was no way I could pass up getting Addy one for her dolls and stuffed animals! It is seriously such a cute addition to her room. To bring a taste of nature and some life into her space, I wanted to incorporate a plant of some kind. I came across this artificial tropical tree that makes a really nice statement and brings everything together.


Pink play kitchen toddler girl playroom

A play kitchen is such a valuable component of any playroom, or in our case, homeschool room. When I found this pink one, I had to get it. It is such a perfect shade of pink and really fits in with the rest of the design. And, if you are anything like me, you can appreciate a good dupe. These butterflies are a great pottery barn dupe! They bring some whimsy into her room and adorn the walls in such a sweet way.

To store her kitchen accessories, I incorporated a simple set of Sterilite drawers. They provide enough space that they also hold her instruments as well as some books. Since storage is always an important factor when designing any space, especially a homeschool space, I knew having this piece would be invaluable to the functionality of the room.


For even more storage, I found these two shelves to display her toys and activities. This one is simple and white with a lower profile, while this one is a bit taller. The taller one I have linked isn’t the exact one that I purchased, but I love that it is a dollhouse that can function as shelving, too! 


Some of my favorite books are from the Little People, Big Dreams series that feature important people throughout history in a way that even young kids like Addy can enjoy and appreciate. Not only is their content amazing, but aesthetically, they are absolutely gorgeous! Because of how beautiful the books are, I knew I wanted to do them justice by finding some cute shelves that would really feature them. I found these rattan rainbow shelves that do just that! They are simple but, at the same time, provide an element of design that looks really intentional and beautiful.


For more book storage I came across some wooden basket shelves that store a good amount of books while also bringing in an earthy, natural design element into the space.


Of course, because this is a learning space, I wanted to find an alphabet poster that would further encourage learning. But, I wanted to make sure it was something that was aesthetically pleasing and would fit with the design of the space. This was the perfect find and I love how it emphasizes the purpose of the room.


Having a desk in Addy’s room was obviously a priority so that she’d have an appropriate spot for learning in a more structured way. This Melissa and Doug desk was exactly what I was looking for. I love that it has storage built in and it came with a matching chair.


Naturally, due to our love of all things Disney, I HAD to get a Disney princess dollhouse to complete the space. This dollhouse is seriously what Disney dreams are made of and Addy is obsessed with it– almost as much as I am!

Designing this space for Addy was an absolute dream and I am so excited to watch her learn and grow and discover in a space that is perfectly suited for her. Each little corner of the room is not only beautiful but serves a really important purpose in fostering a love of learning!