When I was making my registry, there were so many things I just HAD to have. Like a million cloth bibs (still have never used one) and a thousand washcloths and hooded towels. Not to mention the insane amount of newborn clothes. If I could do it over again, I wouldn’t register just for things I need the first few months- but instead what I need the first year.

So I’m sharing with you my MUST HAVE LIST for your baby’s first year.  These are the 10 things we still use every single day & I honestly couldn’t live without. Not only do they make my job easier, but will last us at least a few years each. 


  • Owlet Sock

    THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE THING EVERY PARENT NEEDS!!! Her first 8 weeks Addy was two small for the sock (went home at 5lb) so we literally took shifts so we could watch her sleep. Postpartum Anxiety is reaaaal. But this little sock has been the answers to my prayers & the only reason I get any sleep. I can see her heart rate & oxygen on my phone. If her heart rate or oxygen went out of the “norm” a red alarm will go off on my phone and the base station. And the best part is if you are somewhere without WiFi or your own WiFi goes out, it still works!!!

  • Hatch Baby Sound Machine

    I’ve posted so much about our Hatch baby sound machine. I SWEAR by this thing!!! She has used it since the day she was born & I think we’ll be packing it for when she goes to college. I prefer the original Hatch Baby Rest (not the +). Although the (+ )has a few more features, it is harder to control from the base and you have to do most on your phone. Plus it seems to glitch and I’ve NEVER had an issue with my Rest original! 

  • Pinxav

    You know how I feel about non-toxic products. That’s why I f**king LOVE Pinxav. We’ve used them since the minute she was born & it gets rid of her rashes within 1-2 uses. Addy has super sensitive skin so it’s used at least 1-2x a week. And guess what?! I still have the SAME tube I bought before she was born! It last FOREVER. And if that wasn’t reason enough to ditch your Desitin (seriously yuck) the queen @theskinnyconfidential swears by it! ANNNDD Pinxav donated 24 tubes to the NICU baskets. Seriously they rock!!!  

  • Popsicle +Yumi

    OMMGGG I sweeear by these!!! I started giving them to her when she was 6 months old and they are the BEST THING EVER.We still use them at 9 months. She has to chew and munch to get the food out so it prepares her for big girl food.

    I freeze my Yumi purees in them (especially since shes not eating purees anymore) and they’re a great way to help her with teething & get more nutrients than just from the food she kinda eats. They are worth the money! And YUMI is the SHIT. Organic, small batch, and comes in a variety of flavors customized specifically for your babies age. 

  • Comotomo Bottles

  • The hype around these bottles are REAL!! And I swear, they taught Addy how to latch. When we first brought her home she wouldn’t latch so I was pumping for her. EVERY bottle we tried gave her such painful gas-except these. Then about two months later I decided to try latching her randomly and she did it NO problem for the first time ever. These bottles closely mimic the breast, have air flow to prevent gas, and are FREAKING AWESOME. Don’t waste your time or money on any other bottle than these. 
  • Bottle Sanitizer

    I could not have survived 7 months of exclusive pumping if it wasn’t for this thing. I was able to easily sanitize my bottles & pump parts in between every use. They don’t deteriorate the bottle and it gets them the cleanest possible. We have had this sanitizer for almost 10 months and it is still going strong. The sanitizer holds a ton, gets them super clean, and easy to use! It’s steam based and not UV (which I prefer).

  • MAM Pacifiers

    Okay every baby is different when it comes to what paci they will take. We tried every paci under the sun and still to this day, Addy will only take the MAM brand. She’s weaned off the paci during the day and only uses them for naps & bedtime now. But the first few months we were always 5ft within reach from a paci. I’ve heard a lot of other moms have had success with MAM so they are worth the shot! They aren’t the cutest, but they WORK!

  • EZPZ Plates & Silicone Bibs

    Okay so this was something I wish I would have registered for so I didn’t have to stress order on Amazon. When she first started eating solids she ate directly off her high chair. Let me tell you, it is a pain in the ass to have to clean the high chair try and seat EVERY TIME. That’s why I LOVE these. They have a variety of bowls and plates depending on age and skill level. All EZPZ plates stick to the tray so your baby can’t take the bowl and dump it all over the floor. Plus they’re BPA free and 100% silicon! The best part is you will use these plates for 4+ years so it is worth every penny! Add this to your registry so you can stock up and not need to rush order when you’re cleaning eggs off the floor. 

  • Pack & Play

    So when we got this I was kinda like what am I supposed to do with this? But omgg this thing is a LIFE SAVER!! Addy slept in the pack n play in our room the first 4 months and now we keep it in the living room. It is so nice because it’s a safe place to put her when I need to shower or do dishes. It also folds up super easy & small into this travel bag so you can take it anywhere you go! I really liked this Graco pack n play because it has a detachable bassinet and changing table. But I’ve seen a 4moms one that is really nice without all the bells and whistles. This is for sure not one of those things you register for and never use. This is an EVERYDAY essential!   

Thanks for reading! I would love to know what you think. Or if you’re already a mama and have a product you couldn’t live without?! Let me know if the comments below or shoot me a DM on Instagram!