Must Have Bottles & Storage Bags For Breastfeeding Moms

Before I dive into this post, I want to talk about the pressures of breastfeeding. MAMA- DO NOT PUT PRESSURE ON YOURSELF IF YOU CANNOT OR CHOOSE NOT TO BREASTFEED. Breastfeeding is an extremely personal decision and sometimes it’s not even something we decide for ourselves but our bodies decide. I have talked to so many women who fell HARD into postpartum depression because they felt guilty and “worthless” all because they couldn’t breastfeed. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Forget everything and as long as your baby is getting fed, THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS. 

Okay with that being said, let’s get started.

I was cleared to breastfeed while on Lovenox and I am ecstatic! But my enthusiasm quickly faded and I started to feel extremely overwhelmed. There is just SO MUCH information out there. 

Not just about why you should breastfeed but how, when, what to do, what to keep with you at all times and so forth. I couldn’t handle all the information thrown at me at once. 

SO I decided I didn’t need to read all about “why” I should breastfeed. I have heard enough and if my body allows me, great. If not then I will use the best formula I can and leave it at that. 

I started instead looking into products that make breastfeeding easier and supported me and the baby. 

One company that really stood out to me was Nanobebe. Nanobebe became popular and one of the most sought after breastfeeding brands when they joined forces with a team of pediatricians, lactation consultants, and biomedical engineers to shake up the market with the first baby bottle designed to preserve essential breast milk nutrients.

A lot of new moms (like myself at first) don’t think they will need bottles if they are breastfeeding. But I quickly learned there will be those nights when you and the hubby want to get out and leave the baby with Grandma. If you don’t have any storage or bottles how will the baby get fed? You’ll be cutting your night EXTREMELY short and not giving you the break you deserve. 

So it is best to stock up on some high quality milk storage bags and bottles!


Did you know in attempts to quickly warm the breast milk for feeding, we often unknowingly expose breast milk to nutrient damaging temperatures or leave the breast milk out at room temperature for too long?

According to the FDA, bacteria in fresh milk doubles every 20 minutes while stored at room temperature. Freshly pumped breast milk needs to be cooled and stored in a freezer or refrigerator as soon as possible. Research shows that storing breast milk at room temperature even for as little as 20 minutes can:

  • lead to rapid bacterial growth, reducing both the nutritional value of breast milk (since bacteria consume the nutrients in the milk) and its immunological value (as breast milk uses up its immune defenses to fight off the bacteria.)
  • cause cellular damage due to an increase the amount of free fatty acids in the milk.
  • adversely affect the intestinal microbiota, known to play a major role in nutrition, metabolism, protection against pathogens, development of the immune system and brain.

Nanobebe understand mom’s have their hands full so they created a bottle & storage bags that allows breast milk to be spread into a thin layer that cools quickly, reaching its ideal refrigerated temperatures 2-3 times faster than standard bottles. 

The unique shape of the bottle not only helps to cool it faster, but assists in warming up quickly and correctly. 

Heating milk over 40°C/104°F causes deterioration of the milk’s immunological proteins and enzymes. Overheating pumped breast milk may also reduce fat absorption which could cause less caloric intake for your baby.

Nanobebe bottles and storage bags allow breast milk to be spread thin across the surface area and thereby warming quickly and evenly. Now you or a caregiver can warm the bottle at safe temperatures and feed baby promptly without destroying your precious breast milk nutrients by overheating.

I knew all about WHY we should breastfeed, but I seriously had no idea about how to properly store, heat, or care for pumped milk. Did you? I feel like all breastfeeding classes and lactation consultants talk about how to latch, how to produce milk, and leave it at that. So I am super grateful I have found information on how to properly store and prepare my precious milk supply.

Not only are Nanobebe bottles fantastic for preserving all nutrients in your breast milk, but they truly support baby in helping them receive the best “breast-like” experience when a bottle is needed.  

Its domed shape and concave base make it ideal for tiny hands, so babies only a few months old can easily hold it and learn to self-feed. The bottles are also designed with an advanced, 360° venting system with two vents that release air even when covered by the baby’s mouth, which reduces colic and keeps baby comfortable.

And lastly, what I thought was the coolest part about Nanobebe Bottles is that a breast pump adaptor is included with each Breastmilk Bottle package. Using the breast pump adaptor you can pump directly into the nanobébé bottles using most standard breast pumps.

Nanobebe offers a variety of bottles and nipples, I included some of my favorites below! 


Preemie & Newborn Advanced Venting Nipple – 2 PACK


One thing I have learned very quickly as a mom-to-be is that even before the baby is born, you come second. I’m okay with that but it definitely is a transition to no longer have to worry just about yourself. I hear once the baby is born you matter even less and less. Which again, totally okay with but it’s nice to find a company that works to support baby AND mom. 

Nanobebe has created nursing pads which have already come in handy for me! I started leaking around 32 weeks and had no idea what the hell to do!!! Luckily I had a set on me and was able to pop some in before I left the house. 

I am not someone who can wear a bra 24/7 and you sure as hell won’t see me sleeping in a nursing bra. (Seriously, the best part of my day is coming home and taking OFF my bra). So I really liked that the Nanobebe Nursing Pads have adhesive strips that hold the pad securely in place while discreet shape conforms to the breast. No one will realize you are wearing a nursing pad, especially on bra-less days. (Don’t judge I know I’m not the only one who tries to get away with going out without a bra on. ESPECIALLY in this summer heat).

And of course Nanobebe Nursing Pads are leak proof AND come individually wrapped for hygienic, portable coverage everywhere you go. I really liked that because I am able to slip them in my hospital bag, purse, and diaper bag without worrying if they got dirty!


After trying their nursing pads and getting a few bottles, I browsed their website and was impressed with the affordable prices. I have linked below my “Must Have” accessories by Nanobebe!

Their entire online store makes it easy to add to your Babylist registry and I truly believe every mom-to-be must have their bottles on there, even if you aren’t breastfeeding!

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for reading and remember no matter what you choose or what ends up happening, you are an amazing mom!!! Breast is NOT always best and only YOU can know what is best for your baby. F**k everyone else.