This last month has been absolutely incredible for Picking Daisies Media and if you’ve been following along, you know that we just had our very first retreat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! This retreat was the culmination of so much passion and excitement as we have worked to expand our services and the many ways we can support our clients. We could not have put this amazing retreat on without the help of our generous sponsors. Truly, these brands made our retreat an absolute dream and I want to thank each and every one of them from the bottom of my heart! 

Picking Daisies Media Manager Retreat Sponsors

Each of these brands offers quality products and experiences that make perfect gifts for truly anyone– be sure to read through and check them out for yourself! 

Life Extension is a healthy lifestyle brand that offers so many products to support our bodies. One of my favorite products of theirs are the Gummy Science Digital Eye Support gummies. These gummies replenish the nutrients your eyes need to filter and protect from the damage that blue light causes. Our phones, computers, and TV’s do so much harm to our eyes and these gummies are a great tool to help combat that. You can read more in-depth about Life Extension in my blog here.

Picking Daisies Media Retreat Sponsor Life Extension

I have posted about the gorgeous styles that SassyQueen Boutique has on their site on several occasions, because, I mean, just look at them! From graphic tees to band tees to luxury brand tees, there are so many great styles to choose from and they are all such great quality. Everyone on our team loves how soft and high-quality the T-shirts are – and we sported matching Mickey Mouse Tees for our team day at Disney!

If you haven’t read my post about Ameo Life, be sure to do that here. Ameo Life is a supplement brand that provides quality products you can trust. One of my favorite products is the Silver Soap. It is a great facial cleanser that comes in a variety of natural scents. They are made of organic ingredients so you can feel good about using them on your skin. 

Intelligent Change is a company that I can’t get enough of because of their mission to create products intended to help better oneself. That’s why I am obsessed with the Mindful Affirmations cards. These cards are great daily reminders of the power within each of us to help us achieve growth and positive change. They make amazing gifts, too! 

Another company that I am so proud to partner with is Nook Theory. Nook Theory is a design and lifestyle brand with gorgeous decor products. Their Macrame Plant Hangers are a unique way to display plants on the wall. They bring a natural design element to a space that really complements any aesthetic– and the quality is unreal. 

If you followed along with us on Instagram, you saw all of the really cool places we were able to stay over the course of our retreat. While attending the Achieve Conference in Waco, we had the privilege of staying at Pivovar. It’s such an unexpected place filled with history and European influence– a true gem in the heart of Texas.

Our next stop took us to Costa Mesa where we were accommodated by Costa Mesa Marriott. We enjoyed luxurious rooms as well as a fantastic location near to all the hotspots we love. We had an amazing time in the spacious suites and loved being right near all the action in Costa Mesa!

Our trip rounded out at Velas Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta and we were treated to the resort experience everyone dreams about. We were so fortunate to experience the hospitality of all of these places and I cannot recommend them enough for your next vacation or business trip! 

Being a mom, I am always on the lookout for beautiful products that complement my “mom style”. Twelve Little is one such brand. They have gorgeous diaper bags and accessories to make momming both easier and stylish. One of my favorite products is the Diaper Bag Clutch. Instead of lugging around a giant diaper bag or backpack, the clutch is a more compact alternative that still provides all the compartments and organization you need to be prepared for all the things parenting throws at you while on the go! 

Storq has the coziest loungewear you can possibly imagine and I’m pretty sure I am going to be living in mine for eternity. Their colors and materials are so luxe and high quality and their styles are perfect for lounging or going out and about. The 3-Piece Lounge Set is my favorite because it is so versatile and comfortable– it’s even great for nursing moms, too! 

I am all about finding healthy food companies that provide options for those of us that are mindful of the things we eat. Santte Foods is a great company for that reason. Their Tidbits Fun Bites are guilt-free treats that come in a variety of flavors. They even have a keto and diabetic line for more specific dietary needs. I love that they are absolutely delicious and a great alternative to other decadent treats on the market. 

If you are anything like me, you’re always looking for ways to simplify your beauty and hygiene routine. Does anyone really enjoy shaving their legs? For me, the answer is definitely no. That’s where Rose Skin Co. comes in. Their IPL Hair Removal Handset is an amazing laser hair removal tool that works so well at eliminating unwanted hair. The Lumi version is even more powerful– and, they both come in really pretty colors! 

Topaz and Pearl is a unique jewelry company with quality, nature-inspired pieces that suit any style. The Raw Birthstone Necklaces are absolutely beautiful and make amazing gifts for the ones you love. The Stacking Bracelets are gorgeous and versatile pieces that make great gifts, too! Every piece is totally unique and stands out from anything you would find at a typical store. That’s why I am so excited about them! 

All of these brands played a pivotal role in the success of our retreat and I am truly a fan of each and every one of them. I am so grateful to them for being such an important part of our very first Picking Daisies Media retreat. They all have incredible products that I highly recommend–whether for yourself or as gifts for the people you care about. With Valentine’s Day coming up, be sure to shop these brands and help support small businesses in 2023! 

Picking Daisies Media Retreat Sponsors