I have to admit…I’m a pretty damn good host. I love planning vacations, parties, events, really anything and I make sure to go the extra mile. Since we travel a TON, I have developed a system so we are always prepared no matter what our adventures throw at us. For our Picking Daisies Media retreat in October, we were traveling for 10 days, 3 states, and two countries. I wanted to make sure we were covered from scrapes and bruises to food poisoning (which ironically enough I ended up getting lol but I made it through the plane and drive home drama free thanks to being prepared.  That’s why I prioritize building an emergency basket that has all the must-have supplies for keeping everyone happy and healthy no matter where we are traveling to. I have shared at the bottom of this blog the full list of items I bring with direct links. But if you don’t have time to build a full kit and want to get the essentials- I have highlighted my MUST HAVES. 

Treat skinned knees, stings, cuts, minor burns, ticks, blisters, nosebleeds, splinters, and more on-the-go

Any emergency kit has to include first aid supplies which is why I love Keep>Going First Aid’s Go Kit. Filled with everything you need for practically any dreaded emergency, the Go Kit is a perfect addition to any travel basket. Bandaids, tweezers, scissors, antibiotic ointment, burn cream, a thermometer, and even a miniature sewing kit are all included in the kit, plus even more. Apart from their functionality, the Go Kits come in beautiful prints, patterns, and colors so you can be prepared in style. 

Keep>Going First Aid is a small family-owned brand that set out to create a first aid kit that had all the necessities while actually being attractive to carry around! During their extensive travels, they found a need for a compact, stylish first aid kit. Thus, the go kit was created. They also have adorable ice and heat packs shaped like different animals that are sure to make any kiddo feel better while sick– another great item to add to your travel kit for any family vacations!

My favorite Boiron Pellets to travel with

If you know me at all, you know how much I rely on Boiron supplements for practically every ailment and sickness. Pursuing natural and holistic options rather than harsh medications is always my preferred approach and Boiron has a supplement for every possible issue that could come up. Everything from food poisoning to hangovers is covered and you had better believe those are added to my emergency kit for every trip I take!


Cora Organic Applicator Tampons | Super Plus Absorbency | 100% Cotton Core, Unscented, BPA-Free Compact Applicator | Leak Protection, Easy Insertion, Non-Toxic | Packaging May Vary (72 Count)

Of course, any girls trip emergency kit has to include tampons and I always make sure to have organic, non-toxic options. If you haven’t made the switch yet, please do! The chemicals and toxins found in tampons are so damaging to our bodies. That’s why I ONLY purchase and use non toxic feminine brands such as Cora.

Perfect for travel anxiety, gut health, and immunity
Perfect for travel anxiety, gut health, and immunity


It wouldn’t be an emergency kit without my Nuvita CBG Full Spectrum. This is one of my holy grail products and something I always have on hand for myself and for anyone I am traveling with. Then I make sure to keep in my kit staples like q-tips, chapstick, a lint roller, Tide pen, gum, calendula cream, an eye mask, electrolytes, and even a selfie stick– all things that come in handy at any given time. You can either added the other items to your Keep>Going First Aid’s Go Kit or grab Tupperware from the dollar store like I did to keep in one spot. I never remove this from my luggage and send myself a reminder to re-order anything we might be out of! 

Travel Emergency Essentials
Travel Emergency Essentials